The "Urgent" Messages Tahira Kashyap's Kids Send Her When She's At Work. ROFL

Tahira shared screenshots of the requests of her children on Instagram Stories

The 'Urgent' Messages Tahira Kashyap's Kids Send Her When She's At Work. ROFL

Tahira Kashyap shared this photo (courtesy tahirakashyap)

New Delhi:

Listen up, it's urgent. No, it's not us who are rushing you during your weekend. But here are two little kids who would like you to listen to them immediately. Not sure whom we are talking about? Tahira Kashyap, Ayushmann Khurrana's wife, shared with us the "urgent" messages of their two kids Virajveer and Varushka. No points for guessing what these kids have on their minds but we know it's quite a pressing need as we see their array of "please" texts on Tahira's chatbox. The mother shared screenshots of these chats on Instagram Stories and we are laughing and awing at these little devils at once. 

The first photo shows a string of messages with short and long versions of the word "please". The texts are preceded by a GIF of a teary-eyed Boo from the animated movie Monster Inc. What says the mother? Tahira, an author herself, wrote that this was "just a trailer" to all the messages she received from her two "lovable monsters" while busy at work. "This after I tell them to message me only if urgent. And the urgency continues throughout the day," wrote Tahira. We feel the graveness of the situation, for sure.


The request and begging keep flooding Tahira's chatbox with more GIFs. This time these are adorable puppies and cats saying, "Pretty please." Tahira wrote with a rolling-eye emoji, "There are more 'urgent' GIFs." 


If that wasn't enough to annoy the mother, the musketeers had more in store. The third photo shows a slew of voice notes ranging from 6 seconds to half a minute from the kids. "If the GIFs aren't enough, these are these voice notes." We don't expect Tahira to turn down their vehement request after such a show.


We can't stop adoring these cute "monsters" in Tahira's home. Nor can Tahira herself. Last week, she posted a photo with her son Virajveer where they are smiling at each other. She wrote, "Coming back home to this smile after getting a dozen voice notes which start as soon as I step out."

In May, she posted a throwback photo with her daughter Varushka who is a tinier kid in the photo. The mother and the daughter are caught in a sweet moment as they look at each other. Tahira wrote in the caption, "Cheering myself up with a few throwback-Thursday (photos)."

How do you think the author celebrated Women's Day this year? She baked a cake and planted cherry tomatoes with her children in their balcony garden.

We wish Tahira happier days with the children and hope that their requests get fulfilled with much urgency.