This Article is From Oct 26, 2014

One Killed During Rush For Chhath Puja At New Delhi Railway Station

Rush of passengers at the New Delhi railway station

New Delhi: One person was killed while trying to board a running Bihar-bound train during a rush for Chhath puja at New Delhi railway station.

Reports say that he was trying to board a reserved compartment, whose door was locked. As the train gathered speed, he reportedly lost his balance and fell.

Earlier, railway officials had deployed two additional special trains for Bihar a day after the New Delhi Railway Station witnessed a massive rush of passengers, who were heading to the state for Chathth puja festivities.  

The decision was taken after Anurag Sachan, Divisional Railway Manager, of Delhi division, visited the station yesterday.

"I saw the situation myself and it was very difficult," said Mr Sachan. "People were packed inside coaches and even then, that wasn't enough, which is why we have started two extra coaches today. And from today onwards, police officials on platforms will also be in front of the sleeper class coaches to check tickets, so that at least people with reservation are not denied seats."

Visuals showed chaos at the station with people, both men and women, cramped inside train compartments.

Officials are facing a huge challenge ahead of the festival as a large number of passengers are reported to be boarding trains without reservation tickets.

Besides scheduled daily trains, 32 special trains will run from New Delhi railway station to various places in Bihar till October 30th.