This Article is From Oct 22, 2016

Delhi's Bird Flu Outbreak From A Weaker Strain This Time, Say Experts

The bird flu in Delhi that has led to closure of the zoo is from a weaker strain H5N8, experts say

New Delhi: It is not the H5N1 but the H5N8 - a less dangerous virus that is causing the bird flu in parts of the national capital this year, experts have said, dispelling fears about the outbreak.

Sources have told NDTV that it is the first time that the H5N8 virus is causing bird flu in India.

"H5N8 is a less virulent form of the virus that causes Avian influenza. It is also less fatal," said Dr N Bhargava of Delhi Animal Husbandry Ministry.

A part of the Deer Park that houses birds and ducks has been closed since yesterday. Two dead ducks were found near the lake inside the park. A four-member team from department of health and animal husbandry came to the park to collect the dead birds and inspect others.

Officials say though the dead ducks were found near the lake, it is important to cordon off the surrounding area to avoid the spread of the infection.

"There is no need to create panic or fear but we have to take precautions. Stay away from dead birds but inform the authorities," said Dr Bhargava.