Blog: Why I began Facebook campaign after Delhi gang-rape

Blog: Why I began Facebook campaign after Delhi gang-rape

Himanshu (first from left) with other group members.

New Delhi:  In reaction to Sunday night's heinous gang-rape of a woman on a moving bus, Himanshu Chawla, 25, has created a Facebook page asking people to campaign for more security in Delhi.

Himanshu, who works with a software company, is working on this campaign with his friend, Vandana. Today, they led  50 young people to the hospital in Delhi where the victim of Sunday's gang-rape is struggling to stay alive. The group hopes to leave flowers and notes for her with her family.

This is Himanshu's blog, as shared with's Amit Chaturvedi.

When I read about this shocking incident, I decided to something about it, to help the girl and her family. I had earlier launched a page on Facebook, but then I realised I'll have to do more; an online movement alone won't work. I spoke to one of my friends Vandana, and yesterday, we launched Night Walkers, a group that would hold protests at different places in the city to highlight the issue and to gather messages for the girl and educate people about the lurking dangers.

The movement was started by the two of us but now it's a group of 50 people, mostly students. Currently, we are stationed outside the Safdarjung Hospital where we are writing messages on placards for the well-being of the girl. We've also got some flowers. Basically, we want to show the family of the girl that the whole country is with them in this difficult time.

We also protested at India Gate yesterday, but the police scattered us from there.

Our representatives then met Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who told them that the government is taking some steps - they've arrested a few people, are planning to crackdown on those who use tinted glasses on their vehicles, increase police patrolling, but I think this is not enough.

And to prove it, I'm going to tell you about an incident that happened with me. Yesterday, I was coming back from the office (in Gurgaon), it was just 8:30 pm, and some people attacked me. They abused me, punched me, and snatched away my mobile phone. I went to the police to lodge a complaint but they said they can't do anything as there's no mark on my face. That's ridiculous! If you can't help a person like me, what are you going to say to a girl who has been eve-teased or taunted? Because she won't have any mark on her body. But imagine the humiliation she faced, and yet, this attitude of our police. That's the reality we want to highlight, and change.

In the next few days, we are planning to hold our protests in different parts of the city to tell the authorities about ground realities, the problems a common man faces, the lack of security on roads, the dark places of the city etc.

The main aim of our entire movement is to nip this menace in the bud. So that people are not able to commit such crimes. And I hope we succeed in our mission.

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