This Article is From Sep 24, 2010

Cockroach found in Bangalore airport canteen food

Cockroach found in Bangalore airport canteen food
Bangalore: Workers of the Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) staged an agitation against the canteen management after a cockroach was found in a rice plate on Wednesday night.

Around 10 pm, over 100 workers gathered at the airport and protested against the canteen management as well as the chef for two hours. It was only after the airport administration promised the protesters that action will be taken against the canteen authorities did they end their stir.

On Wednesday, Arun, a BIAL employee, went to the canteen for dinner, and found a cockroach in his rice plate. A disgusted Arun complained to the chef of negligence, but the chef's reaction was rude. He allegedly told Arun that he was not bound to eat in the canteen and could always eat elsewhere if he does not like the food, and that he should take the matter up with the manager.

When a perplexed Arun contacted the manager, he kept talking on the phone, and ordered him to go out, and talk to the administration. This irked Arun and he informed the administration.

The department called for a food inspector, who confirmed that the cockroach had indeed been cooked with the rice.

The workers gathered around the canteen and a heated argument ensued. The airport police arrived immediately and stopped the arguments from getting out of hand.

S Raju, a cabbie, said, "This is a regular feature here. Even the drinking water has mud in it usually, but if we complain, they tell us to shut up. Just two days ago there was a similar incident."

Arun said, "When I saw that they were being rude even after complaining, something had to be done. It is the management's duty to keep the canteen clean. Now I can only wait and watch."

When contacted, the canteen management brushed of the incident. "It is our internal matter and we don't want to share it with the public," an official said.