This Article is From Sep 03, 2019

Watch: With New Song, Punjab Cop's Message For Drivers

In his song, Bhupinder Singh warns drivers about hefty fines for violating traffic rules.

Watch: With New Song, Punjab Cop's Message For Drivers

ASI Bhupinder Singh is posted in Chandigarh.

New Delhi:

A traffic cop in Chandigarh has writen a sing to warn peoople against breaking traffic rules.

ASI Bhupinder Singh, posted in the traffic wing of the Chandigarh police, asks people to drive safely on roads to avoid hefty fines. 

The song was shared by the Chandigarh Traffic Police through its Twitter handle on Tuesday.

"Sadak te accident vich loki bahute marde see, jurmana ghat challan daa see, oh kithe darde see...Oh nave kanoon de lagu da elaan ho gaya hai, phir na kehna mehanga bada challan ho gaya hai...Rasoi ghar vich ration daa nuksan ho gaya hai (So many people were killed in road accidents. People were not scared of breaking rules because the fine was so less. Now since fines have been hiked, do not complain," he says in  the song.

In his song, Bhupinder Singh also asks young people to not drive before the age of 18 or their parents could be in trouble.

In the past, Mr Singh has often used music as a tool to ask people in Chandigarh to obey traffic rules on the road.

The amended Motor Vehicle Act has been implemented in Chandigarh from September 1. It seeks to tighten road traffic regulations such as the issuance of driving licence and imposed stricter penalties for violations. 

Under the new law, people will be fined Rs 10,000, earlier Rs 2,000, for drunken driving and Rs 5,000, for dangerous driving.