BJP, Congress Trade Charges Over Demolition Of Huts In Bengaluru

Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah tweeted, "The eviction is an inhumane act by the BJP government in the name of Bangladeshi immigrants."

The BJP in Karnataka seems far from regretful over the demolitions.


Were dozens of huts in Bengaluru's Bellandur demolished without authorisation because of a tweet by a BJP MLA about Bangladeshi migrants allegedly living there illegally?

The Congress certainly blames the BJP for the action that left hundreds living in this slum without a roof over their heads. Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah tweeted, "The eviction is an inhumane act by the BJP government in the name of Bangladeshi immigrants... PM Narendra Modi speaks of a separate room to study but here people are denied even a basic shelter."

Congress spokesperson VS Ugrappa told NDTV, "All of a sudden, even without verifying whether they belong to Bangladesh, whether they are eligible for citizenship or not... even according to the amended Act, even without verifying that, the authorities went and demolished the structures. God only knows what happens to the people who are there. And ultimately one has to have a human approach... It is nothing but a jungle raj and ultimately the government has to be held responsible."

The BJP in the state seems far from regretful over the demolitions.

Talking to NDTV, Ashwath Narayan, BJP spokesperson, said, "Mr Limbavali has done the correct thing urging to vacate... The government reacted to his tweet. We welcome it. Over the last several years, Bangladeshi infiltrators and also anti-national people have stayed in these police station limits. We had asked the Congress government to send them back to Bangladesh. But when Siddaramaiah was Chief Minister, they took no initiative to vacate the illegal sheds. So now Mr Yediyurappa's government has taken the initiative to vacate the sheds. The Karnataka government has taken the right decision."

Those bearing the brunt of that decision are those migrant workers staying in the slum. 

24-year-old Mohammed Riyadh Ul Islam from Assam had to move in with two other men from Tripura after the hut in which he was living was demolished. 

In the doorway of the shack in which he is staying, Mohammed Riyadh Ul Islam told NDTV, "I moved here after my hut was broken. There were two people living here. Now we are three... If there are Bangladeshis here, it is the job of police to do an inquiry and remove them. We are from Assam - we just went through NRC and we have all the proof, Pan Card. Police should check those papers instead of saying Bangladeshis and demolishing houses... All of us living here are from different parts of India."