This Article is From Oct 03, 2017

3 Bengaluru Boys Crushed By Train; Possibly Taking Selfies, Say Cops

The police are investigating whether the teens were run over while trying to take selfies with the oncoming train, without realising how close it was.

Three boys were killed trying to take a selfie near train tracks, police said.


  • Teenagers were taking a selfie with moving train in Bidadi
  • They were completely oblivious to how close they were to oncoming train
  • Last week, Bengaluru college student drowned while friends took selfies
Three boys from Bengaluru were run over by a train this morning in Bidadi, around 30 km from the Karnataka capital. The police are investigating whether they were taking selfies and failed to judge how close they were to the oncoming train.

The police told NDTV that the boys died between 9.30 and 10 am. Two of the boys have been identified; they were studying in the National College in Bengaluru.

The trio had just visited Wonderla, an amusement park near Bengaluru, the police said.

This is the second case in weeks of deaths in Bengaluru related to selfies.

Last week, a selfie taken by a group of students - incidentally also from the National College but a different branch in Jayanagar - showed one of them drowning in the background in a large pond on the outskirts of the IT hub. But no one in the group realized it at the time.

17-year-old Vishwas G was part of a group of 25 cadets from the National College in Bengaluru who entered a 10 feet deep pond in the Ramanagram district on September 24.

After taking the selfie, the group left the pond to visit a temple without noticing that Vishwas was missing. Later, a student scrolling through the photos they had taken earlier spotted Vishwas' head disappearing under water. The students then contacted the police who discovered the teen's body in the pond.