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'Woman Killed Babies' - 7 News Result(s)

  • Fearing husband would leave her, German woman killed her 5 newborns: report

    A German court has convicted a woman of manslaughter and sentenced her to nine years in prison for killing five of her newborn babies.

  • Woman, who allegedly killed 400 babies in 30 years, emerges as Britain's worst serial killer

    A woman has emerged as the Britain's worst serial killer after over 2.5 million criminal records between 1770 and 1934 were placed online by the National Archives and revealed that she murdered 400 babies.

  • Europe mulls banning 'boxes' for abandoned babies

    Europe mulls banning 'boxes' for abandoned babies

    German pastor Gabriele Stangl says she will never forget the harrowing confession she heard in 1999. A woman said she had been brutally raped, got pregnant and had a baby. Then she killed it and buried it in the woods near Berlin.

  • Polish woman arrested over deaths of her five babies

    A Polish woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing at least five of her newborn babies, a prosecutor said on Friday.

  • Woman suspected of killing five babies: German police

    Woman suspected of killing five babies: German police

    A 28-year-old woman in Germany killed her five infants shortly after giving birth to them in secret at home and in the woods, and hid their bodies because she worried her husband would leave her if she had any more children, authorities said Thursday.

  • Dutch woman hid babies' bodies in attic

    A woman has been arrested on charges of killing four of her babies and hiding their bodies in suitcases in the attic at her house in the Netherlands.Acting on information that the 25-year-old woman became pregnant several times but still had no children, police searched the house where she lives with her parents in Nij Beets town in the Netherlands...

  • Sikh woman likely killed her babies: Canada police

    A 28-year-old Sikh woman who was found dead along with her three infants in Calgary in October last year. It is likely she killed the babies herself in depression, Canadian police has said.Harsimrat Kahlon (alias Simmi Kahlon) was found dead in the home in October 2009. Family members subsequently found the bodies of three infants hidden in sealed ...