SWAT Teams, Choppers At Gurdaspur On Day Of Search Operations

SWAT Teams, Choppers At Gurdaspur On Day Of Search Operations

Pakistani terrorists had launched an attack at the Pathankote air base. The operation to flush them out lasted more than three days.

Chandigarh:  No terrorist has been caught in Gurdaspur's Tibri in the three-day operation, but reports of suspicious men seen in the area continue to surface.

Today, the police and the army investigators are questioning a local who reported seeing two men who asked him the way to the Tibri cantonment. He said when he was unable to help them and tried to leave, they threw an object at him which hit and injured him on the shoulder.

Gurdaspur is near the border with Pakistan and just 40 km away from Pathankot, where six terrorists attacked an air force base on last Saturday.

For nearly three days, the military has pressed armoured cars and soldiers into combing the sugarcane fields in and around the village but has drawn a blank.

The Punjab Police has deployed its Israel-trained SWAT team, which have been especially trained to neutralise terrorists. "We are also doing aerial reconnaissance to locate any suspicious movement," Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh, a senior officer of Border Range said today.

There was some information that the suspects had slipped into a villager's house. "We launched a search operation around that area which took long six hours. However, they (suspects) were not found in that area," he said. The search operation has continued overnight.

"At this moment not ruling out any thing," he added.

Over the weekend, Pakistani terrorists had entered the Pathankote air base in two groups and launched an attack before dawn on Saturday.

After more than three days of operations, five terrorists were killed. Seven security personnel were martyred in the attack and another 20 were injured.

A Gurdaspur police officer, Salwinder  Singh, has said that less than two days before the terror attack, he and his two companions were abducted by one group of terrorists. The terrorists, he said had hijacked his car and snatched his cellphones. The police had indicated that there were inconsistencies in his statement.

Today, Rajesh Verma, one of the men who had accompanied Mr Singh, was questioned by the National Investigation Agency, which is probing the case.

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