PM Launches BHIM E-Wallet App, Says Soon Will Only Need Thumbprint For It

PM Launches BHIM E-Wallet App, Says Soon Will Only Need Thumbprint For It

PM Narendra Modi addressed people at the Digi-Dhan mela in Delhi after launching BHIM app.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a mobile app to make digital payments easier at Digi-Dhan Mela in Delhi. He thanked people for embracing digital transactions. The new BHIM app that PM launched, he said, will soon work on your thumbprint. The Prime Minister feels that BHIM is the best vision for 2017.

Here are the highlights:
  • Government of India has launched a gift under which for the next 100 days, every day 15,000 people will win prizes through lucky draw.
  • These prizes will go to those who transact between Rs 50-3,000 online. This is so that poor people get the prize.
  • Today we also had a draw for the Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana. This will happen once a week.
  • This is for those sellers who can encourage customers to buy products through digital mode
  • On Baba Saheb Ambedkar's birth anniversary - April 14 - there will be a mega draw which will see prizes worth crores.
  • But the most important thing we have done is launch a new app called BHIM.
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar was an economist.
  • The RBI was born on principles he wrote in his thesis.
  • How the federal structure should run economically. The Finance Commission that was formed for this purpose was a result of his principles.
  • If there is one person whose contribution stands out in India's economic framework, it is Babasaheb Ambedkar.
  • The day is not far when all transactions will run through the BHIM app.
  • Babasaheb's contribution is come to the centre stage. This app is very simple.
  • You can use it on smartphones, on Rs 1000-1200 feature phones, it is not necessary to have internet.
  • There is a new feature being tested, and when it comes, the power of BHIM will know no bounds.
  • You won't need any app, any smartphone or internet. Your thumb print will be enough.
  • This is such a big revolution. There was time when illiterates used to be called angootha chhaap. And this angootha (thumb) will become the basis of all transactions.
  • No matter how far a country has gone, even for them, they have to go to Google, ask Google Guru what is BHIM.
  • At first they will see Bhim from Mahabharat. If they dig deeper they will find Bharat Ratna Bhimrao Ambedkar.
  • This was the goal of his life, to empower the poor. And this is what the app will do. This is the poor's treasure.
  • This will empower the poor, the farmers, the tribal people.
  • And that is why this is named after the man who dedicated his life to the downtrodden.
  • There are some prosperous countries in the world.
  • When they find out that there are crores in India who vote by pressing buttons and start getting results in 2 hours.
  • They are stunned because it takes them weeks to do the same.
  • The country which is considered illiterate by some is an example to the world in this digital revolution.
  • There are some people who wake up in disappointment and go to bed in disappointment. They can keep doing so, there is no cure for that yet.
  • Some people don't realise billions are already traded digitally in share markets.
  • They think Modi has brought digital transactions, there must be something wrong with it.
  • Some intellectuals come up and say the country is illiterate, poor, how can they do digital transactions?
  • I have no cure for such pessimism. But I have solutions for the optimistic.
  • BHIM is not an ordinary thing. It will be a common platform. This is the best vision for 2017.
  • 3 years ago, the news was how much we lost in 2g, coal... Now the news is about how much has come back, PM Modi targets Congress on notes ban criticism
  • I am surprised. One neta said, "You dug a ditch to find a little bird I wanted to find that bird, it eats away everything from within."
  • I'll take this time to thank the friends in the media. When they decide something, it gets done.
  • They campaigned against the red lights, netas hesitate to use them today. They campaigned for seatbelts, people started wearing them. They campaigned for wearing helmets, people started wearing them. This is not a small service. They have taken up the Swachhata campaign.
  • I am a positive person, I see only the good in the media. In the coming days, media can do a great service.
  • The fact that media raised the issue of highlighting not everybody has smartphones made the government think that BHIM should work on feature phones.
  • Soon, they will start asking people if they are using BHIM.
  • India used to be the golden bird, it became a poor country for our own mistakes.
  • But it still has the potential to become that golden bird once again.
  • The country wants to run on the path of honesty, we must encourage that.
  • India's greatest strength is ability to fight against its own evils. What we have seen after November 8, proves it.
  • Some people brought these evils upon us, some gave it way. But it spread like termites.
  • But people want the path of honesty.
  • It wasn't a small feat, 86 per cent currency gone away in one move. And the country is still moving ahead, the world was stunned. This is the power that will take India ahead.
  • The poor have the first right to the country's resources. You cannot fight poverty with slogans.
  • The country in which one party fought the 2014 elections on how many subsidised cylinders to give 9 or 12.
  • There comes a government which asks people to give up the subisidies. And see what happened. 1.2 crore families have given away the subsidy.
  • I want to tell each one of you to do at least 5 digital transactions. It will then become a habit.

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