PM Narendra Modi Most Dominant Leader, Acknowledges Congress' P Chidambaram

PM Narendra Modi Most Dominant Leader, Acknowledges Congress' P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram' complimented PM Narendra Modi on the BJP's stunning win in Uttar Pradesh elections.

New Delhi: 


  1. Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram is a former Union Finance Minister
  2. His compliment was paid on account of BJP's historic win in Uttar Pradesh
  3. Demonetisation was denounced by P Chidambaram as a gigantic mistake
One of the government's most outspoken critics, Congress leader P Chidambaram today acknowledged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi "is the most dominant political leader" in the country. His compliment was paid on account of PM Modi's historic victory in Uttar Pradesh - his exhaustive campaign won the BJP the strongest result for any party since 1977 in India's politically most-strategic state. The BJP won all but 76 of the state's 403 seats, virtually matching its landslide win in the general election in 2014 and proving the famous Modi Wave has lost none of its momentum since then.

All analysts - and some politicians - have acknowledged this means that PM Modi's re-election in 2019 is a done deal. NDTV's Prannoy Roy said last night that the PM will now hold office for at least the next eight years. Politician Omar Abdullah tweeted that there's no political leader who can contest PM Modi in 2019. While the BJP won an equally dramatic victory in the hill state of Uttarakhand, it is striving to dislodge the Congress in Goa and Manipur, where it placed second but is trying to form the government with the help of regional parties and independents.

The Congress, on the other hand, has added to its stack of astounding defeats which began with its worst-ever showing in the general election of 2014. As its top leader, Rahul Gandhi, who is officially No 2 but has been running the party, has been unable to hem in the declining popularity of the Congress.

The BJP's performance, especially in Uttar Pradesh, has established that PM Modi's shock decision in November to cancel high-denomination notes has been accepted and even welcomed by large swathes of people despite the long lines that formed at banks and the huge cash shortage that resulted for about six weeks. PM Modi has asserted that the move was the first in a series of steps necessary to root out corruption and tax evasion.

Demonetization was denounced by the Congress including Mr Chidambaram as a gigantic mistake that would compromise economic growth. Mr Modi's predecessor, Dr Manmohan Singh, described it in parliament as "organised loot and legalised plunder". Yesterday, Mr Gandhi, who has not appeared publicly after the electoral result, used Twitter to congratulate the BJP. "Thank you, long live democracy," the PM tweeted him in response.

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