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Monsoon session of Parliament

Sep 07, 2013
16:53 (IST)
BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley spoke on the proceedings of the monsoon session of Parliament in a press conference held at the party headquarters in New Delhi. Here are the highlights:

Sushma Swaraj:
  • The bills which govt was trying to pass stating 'urgency', we failed to stop those bills as well
  • There were few discussions on the economy and on inflation
  • As far as bills were concerned- Food Security Bill, Land acquisition and pension bills - these 3 important bills we passed
  • But the govt was trying to pass a few bills like the RTI in 'hadbadahat'(hurry)
  • They wanted the Judicial appointment bill to be passed in a hurry too. We said we wanted it to be sent to the standing committee.
  • When the bill came up in Rajya Sabha, we walked out
  • In Lok Sabha, the bill didn't even come up
  • We were successful in sending three bills to the standing committee for wider consultations

Arun Jaitley:

  • The economy is dipping, there are no solutions, and the govt claims external factors are responsible. But manufacturing is down and there is no foreign investment.
  • We tried our best to bring in discussions on economy
  • We tried to force a reluctant Prime Minister to answer questions on these topics
  • Lack of leadership and corruption- this is all the govt is today
  • 'Netritvahinta and corruption'-this is all the govt is today
  • The PM says he is not custodian of the coal files and walks out after making a statement
  •  He knew that the govt has no answers in coal scam and the missing coal files
  •  It's a govt without credibility
  • Our objective was that these two issues- coal scam and missing coal files- be highlighted
  • We led the attack on behalf of the country on the issue of missing coal files- the issue was taken up three or four times.
  • On nomination of JPC members, we made our protest clear.
  • I wrote to the chairman and the government to reconsider as they were fixing JPC numbers to fix report. One extra member matters.

Sep 06, 2013
17:43 (IST)
AK Antony in Rajya Sabha:

  • In the past few months we have raised forces
  • On one side we will strengthen relations with China, but there will not be any let up - we will continue to improve capabilities in the border areas
  • Diplomatically we are trying to settle long-pending border issues with China
  • Successive government's have continued this policy but it will take some time
  • Borders can't be an area of permanent tension. Our min attempt is to maintain peace and tranquility
  • Now infrastructure is coming to border areas, so both armies' patrols are coming closer
  • It happens - they come they go, we come we go. Channels reported a face-off that was old... many face-offs take place of which the longest was Depsar
  • Unlike in the past India is catching up with China. That's why every year we are complaining of incursions
  • On the one side, since China has built up enough capabilities and are still continuing, regarding that there is no compromise
  • We will strengthen our capabilities, we will protect every Indian inch of land
  • At the same time, we want a peaceful solution to the long-standing border issues
  • I can understand Parliament is concerned and members are agitated
  • Shyam Saran has himself said he has not given such a report
  • There is not a single line that says Chinese Army is occupying Indian territory
  • I assure the house - no compromise on national interests

Sep 06, 2013
16:55 (IST)
Rajya Sabha passes the Pension Bill.
Sep 06, 2013
14:20 (IST)
Lok Sabha adjourned till 3.00 pm after uproar by BJP, SP members over Chinese incursions.
Sep 06, 2013
13:04 (IST)
Lok Sabha adjourned till 2.00 pm following uproar over Chinese incursion issue.
Sep 06, 2013
13:03 (IST)
BJP members continue to raise their voice, demand to ask Defence Minister questions. Speaker says, "Please give a notice. Rule 372 can't be violated. We will have a discussion after you give a notice."
Sep 06, 2013
13:01 (IST)
Speaker asks Yashwant Sinha to give notice for discussion under Rule 372.
Sep 06, 2013
12:55 (IST)
Defence Minister AK Antony speaks in Lok Sabha on reports of Chinese incursion into India:

  • The report is primarily focused on border infrastructure
  • The report reviews the progress in development of border infrastructure required to ensure connectivity betn the neighbouring areas
  • For construction, maintenance and up gradation of roads
  • Also deals with requirements of air facilities
  • Availability of modern machinery for maintenance and upgrade of roads has been discussed
  • Report also deals with air connectivity, better facilities for ITBP
  • Shyam Saran has not said China has occupied any part of Indian territory
  • No question of India ceding territory to China, government keeps a constant watch

Sep 06, 2013
12:18 (IST)
Finance Minister P Chidambaram moves the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, 2013 for consideration
Sep 06, 2013
11:26 (IST)
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath:

  • No doubt the Chinese incursion is a serious issue
  • Many rumours are spread however
  • The government, however, has nothing to hide. It will not suppress the truth.
  • Yeh sarkaar na kamzor hai, na nikammi hai
Sep 06, 2013
11:25 (IST)
Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav:

  • Government soft on Chinese aggression
  • Forget price hikes, scams, save our borders

Sep 06, 2013
11:24 (IST)
Lok Sabha adjourned till 11:20 am due to uproar by Trinamool Congress against "division" of West Bengal; BJP, SP protest over Chinese incursions.
Sep 06, 2013
11:22 (IST)
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must take up with his Chinese counterpart the issue of Chinese incursion during the G-20 Summit, says BJP
Sep 05, 2013
21:24 (IST)
Lok Sabha passes Land Acquisition Bill with Rajya Sabha amendments, awaits presidential nod.
Sep 05, 2013
19:16 (IST)
Judicial Appointment Bill passed in Rajya Sabha
Sep 05, 2013
19:15 (IST)
Rajya Sabha voting on amendments to Judges' Appointment Bill
Sep 05, 2013
19:08 (IST)
BJP walks out of Rajya Sabha during debate on Judges' Appointment Bill. It wants Bill to be sent to a standing committee, Government wants a vote
Sep 05, 2013
16:50 (IST)
With crucial bills pending, Parliament session has been extended by a day.
Sep 05, 2013
14:15 (IST)
Vanzara's letter should be discussed in Parliament, and a probe should be ordered, preferably by the CBI, says Mayawati
Sep 05, 2013
13:20 (IST)
 Arun Jaitley on appointment of judges:
  • Any collegium is as good as its members
  • Judicial activism is welcome but activism and restraint are two sides of the same coin.
  • Supreme Court is not infallible but it is final.
  • Above the Supreme Court there is God and God  doesn't correct judgements
  • Activism, restraint two sides of the same coin
  • Supreme Court can't have an economic policy
  • Courts can enlarge jurisdiction, legislatures can't
  • Nobody can check the jurisdiction of courts
  • We're going too far now in creating post-retirement jobs
  • Temptation to occupy a Lutyen's bungalow is very serious
  • Fees of a college is an accountant's job, not of retired judges

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