Delhi rape case: Hate Delhi being called 'Rape Capital', but it's become one, Sheila Dikshit tells NDTV

Delhi rape case: Hate Delhi being called 'Rape Capital', but it's become one, Sheila Dikshit tells NDTV
New Delhi:  As a young woman fights for her life in a Delhi hospital after being gang-raped on a Delhi bus, an incensed India is demanding justice and tougher punishment for rapists.  Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit talks exclusively to NDTV about a story that has shaken the whole country. 

Here are the highlights of her interview (these are not exact quotes):

  • This case is the most painful thing I have seen happening as Chief Minister or a citizen
  • This has touched the pinnacle of cruelty and insensitivity both by police and society
  • I do not like my city being described as rape capital but it is out in the open that it has become one
  • I have a daughter and and daughter-in-law. I am concerned about all girls in the city
  • We are putting up a 24 -hour cell where women can call in distress
  • Personally, I will go with you and say death penalty, flogging and shame them.  But thinking in terms of law, have murders stopped because of death penalty?
  • We called NGOs and police a few days back and decided to make a draft bill, a bill which acts as a deterrent. Once it is made we will send it to the Centre.
  • Unfortunately I do not have the police under me.
  • When doctors asked me if I would like to see her I said 'No, I don't have the courage.'
  • As a citizen of Delhi I feel very sad
  • This was inhuman, whether you have PCRs or not, it is unforgivable and unforgettable
  • Let us learn our lesson and do whatever is required to make it a safe city
  • I frankly did not have the courage to see her, I only met her parents and doctors.
  • It would not have been right to break down in front of her parents.
  • I am in touch with doctors. Not only her dignity and honour have been devastated...physically she is finished.
  • There is no chance of  her becoming alright. It's not just a's a murder in a way.
  • But her mind is right there...her heart is beating well.
  • I could see the father bent, the mother crying and doctors helpless.
  • The doctors told me in front of the parents that her intestines are all gone, so they know...
  • We must create an atmosphere in the city that it is a safe city. Why are other cities safe and Delhi not safe?
  • One reason I am told is that we have very porous borders...I have never discouraged migration, Delhi is a city of India...
  • We should increase policemen, we should decrease unnecessary security for VIPs
  • I would be the first one to get rid of my security. Delhi police gives security to people who they require it
  • It may be possible that it has become a status symbol
  • I am just an ordinary person like anyone else
  • Need to make it a secure city, then people won't care about VIP or non-VIP
  • To make women safe is too make them confident to ask for help
  • I do feel my hands are tied because Law and Order is not under me.
  • If police were under me I would have suspended a few policemen
  • The buck stops with the Police Commissioner and (Delhi's) Lt. Governor
  • I have not had a word with the LG , he is not here
  • They (the family)  are remarkable people
  • I assured them that we will take care of their son's education
  • We would be happy to send her anywhere in the world if it helps her survive
  • It is not the numbers which count. Why are other states safe and Delhi not safe? One reason is people come from other places and then go back
  • I am not saying people can't come here. It is the capital. People are most welcome.
  • We need to strive towards a situation where girls do not need to be escorted. Where people think of a girl , irrespective of her attire, as sacrosanct
  • I will not make false promises but I am striving  to make it better
  • No politician takes public transport. I have travelled in the metro, not regularly.
  • First time something has happened in a bus, that too a private one
  • I have not had complaints from metro but buses do have this....
  • What we are really discussing today is that they have the temerity to do this kind of crime
  • I would agree with ' Don't tell me what to wear, tell your son not to rape'

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