Narendra Modi begins Uttar Pradesh campaign with rally in Kanpur


Oct 19, 2013
15:50 (IST)
Narendra Modi speaks :

  • Bharat Mata ki Jai. Your voice should be heard in Delhi
  • Been to election rallies earlier, but have not seen such a crowd before
  • Today this crowd at Kanpur has won me over 
  • The people have been waiting for hours in the sun 
  • I sense affection in every corner of the country. Along with the affection people are also showing their anger towards Congress. 
  • I want to ask you a question: Do you want your children to suffer the same hardships you have suffered? Do you want to safeguard the future of the children?
  • If you want a bright future for you children, decide today you won't allow the people who have ruined your lives to ruin the lives of your children 
  • Congress has been making false promises for last 60 years.
  • When elections come they forget promises they made in the last elections.
  • Congress had promised to bring down inflation
    But inflation has only increased 
  • Has the PM ever said they have been unable to control inflation?
  • Has Soniaji ever expressed regret at not being able to bring down inflation? Has her 'shehzadaa' (prince) ever acknowledged this?
  • Have they said they have tried to bring down inflation but failed?This is because of their arrogance. They do not want to listen to the people.
  • Should you care about those who don't care about you? Teach them a lesson so that no one has the courage to betray the people's trust for years to come 
  • Those who support this govt through the 'backdoor' are equally guilty and they are in UP too
  • Today, what is the police situation in UP? In the past one year, more than 5000 innocent people have died. Still, UP govt plays vote bank politics.
  • The govt is trying to free people named in terrorism cases
  • There are many of your relatives who have settled in Gujarat, Why have they left?
  • If development had taken place in Gujarat, then they wouldn't have to travel to Gujarat.
  • Congress, BSP and SP have destroyed UP
  • It is time to uproot this government and bring the BJP in to give India new hope
  • The Central government has to give an account of their activities in the past 5 years, instead, they talk about Gujarat
  • I have given my account to the Gujarat people and they have given me a distinction 
  • If I have lacked in doing anything for Gujarat, people of Gujarat will make me pay for it
  • The pollution in UP is due to the coal fire in Delhi.
  • They says coal files have been lost, I say in Delhi the entire govt is lost and because of the misdeeds of the govt, our life is lost.
  • Listen to Congress' language. The 'prince' says there is no such thing as poverty, that it is a 'state of mind'
  • The ones who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, how will they know about poverty
  • We have lived poverty. We have known the pain of poverty.
  • Why are they mocking the poor? Why are they making statements like food can be bought for Rs 5/Rs12
  • The government shouldn't be for the rich, it should be for the poor
  • Even the Planning Commission says someone making 26 rupees a day in a village isn't poor
  • They're tom-tomming the food security bill. I don't know whether this is a law to keep people hungry or feed them
  • Congress resorts to votebank politics and have started on their anthem of secularism to divide the people
  • We want the Hindu to be a good Hindu and the Muslim to be a good Muslim 
  • Government has one religion: Nation first, India first; only one book: the constitution
  • We have to bury votebank  politics and walk on the plank of development 
  • We want to form a govt in Delhi that will enure a better future for your children:
  • Our neighbours taunt us with incursions and the govt in Delhi serves chicken biryani meals 
  • Congress has divisiveness in their DNA, they learnt it from the British
  • Todna hi Congress ka kaam hain... Hum jodne ki rajneeti chahtey hain
  • The love you have given me, I'll reciprocate with interest

Oct 19, 2013
15:38 (IST)
Rajnath Singh addresses rally:
  • After Narendra Modi's name was announced as BJP's PM candidate, this is his first visit to UP
  • I welcome him on behalf of all those who have gathered here
  • Everyone is looking towards Narendra Modi with hope, he needs your blessings
  • Till we have the blessings of UP, we can't change the future of India
  • Kanpur is a very historical place. Many freedom fighters were born here.
  • The man who wrote the song ' Jhanda ucha rahe hamara' hails from Kanpur.
  • The Congress govt has not maintained the dignity of our flag. 
  • Till we have the blessings of the people of UP, we can't change the future of India
  • Can't choose our neighbours but cordial relations can't be achieved at such a high cost
  • Why have all the industries in Kanpur shutdown? BSP and SP are responsible
  • No employent for youth. SP and BSP has created thi situaiton in Kanpur
  • The SP is trying to run its govt based on communal riots, there have been 100 in 1 year
  • No other state has seen so many communal riots. It has become a 'danga party'. (SaPa ko DaPa kehna chaiye)
  • I appeal to you, rise above caste, creed and religion and vote for Narendra Modi
  • Everyone believes that in 2014 BJP will form the govt and Narendra Modi will be the PM

Oct 19, 2013
15:33 (IST)
Narendra Modi has arrived at the venue with BJP president Rajnath Singh, and Amit Shah.

Oct 19, 2013
15:27 (IST)
After the Lok Sabha elections, this dark night will end and the sun will rise: BJP's Kalyan Singh at Kanpur Rally.
Oct 19, 2013
15:26 (IST)
Kalayan Singh's election arithmetic for UP's 80 Lok Sabha seats in 2014
Congress - 6
Samajwadi Party - 8
BSP - 9
BJP - 57

Oct 19, 2013
15:25 (IST)
Slogans heard at the rally: "BJP ko jitayenge! Jitayenge, Jitayenge. Modiji ko pradhan mantra banayenge! Banayenge banayenge." 
Oct 19, 2013
15:16 (IST)
Bullet-proof podium has been removed following media reports.
Oct 19, 2013
15:05 (IST)

Kalyan Singh now speaking at BJP's Kanpur rally, says Narendra Modi is a 'yugpurush'. 

Oct 19, 2013
14:56 (IST)
Narendra Modi has arrived at the Chakeri airport in Kanpur.
Oct 19, 2013
12:18 (IST)
Unprecedented security for Modi's rally in Kanpur today. A bullet-proof podium has been set up for his speech.
Oct 19, 2013
09:01 (IST)
The party has also created an army of 150 workers who have been specially trained for this event. Armed with laptops and smartphones, they will reach out to those who are far from Kanpur.

Oct 19, 2013
08:59 (IST)
BJP's IT cell has also seen to it that people are engaged during the event. A page MODIFY UP has been created on social networking site Facebook for blogs, posts, etc. on the event. Updates will also be posted on micro-blogging site Twitter. Besides this, dozens of LED screens have been put up to keep participants engaged.

Oct 19, 2013
08:53 (IST)
The party has ensured that people are able to have access to Modi's rally even if they cannot make it to the venue. Modi's speech will be live-streamed at and people can also dial 022-45014501 to listen to the live speech.
Oct 19, 2013
08:30 (IST)
The BJP is not taking any chances: somewhere on the grounds at the rally venue in Indira Nagar, a pair of snakes made of pure silver is buried to ward off evil spirits.
Oct 19, 2013
08:26 (IST)
The BJP has gone all out to ensure the rally's success. Vaastu experts were roped in to decide the contours of the stage, while astrologers were consulted on Modi's arrival and departure timings.

Oct 19, 2013
08:15 (IST)
Amit Shah, who is considered Narendra Modi's most trusted man, is in charge of the Kanpur rally. He is overseeing all the preparations at the venue and was seen giving orders at the rally grounds till late on Friday night.

Oct 19, 2013
08:07 (IST)
Narendra Modi's Vijay Shankhnaad rally in Kanpur will be the first of the nine proposed rallies in Uttar Pradesh - a politically crucial state.

Seen here, cutouts of Modi's image at the venue in Kanpur.

Oct 19, 2013
01:22 (IST)
For Narendra Modi's debut rally in UP, 100-foot stage and vaastu
The BJP in Uttar Pradesh is in top gear to ensure that Narendra Modi has 50 shades of grand for Saturday's rally in Kanpur, where he will deliver his first speech in the state after being picked as his party's prime ministerial candidate.
Oct 19, 2013
01:21 (IST)
Narendra Modi's Kanpur rally to go ahead, farmers lose court case
A court in Uttar Pradesh today rejected a petition by farmers to shift the venue of Narendra Modi's rally in Kanpur.
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