CCTV shows men flung into air after BMW hit-and-run in Ahmedabad

The driver of a speeding black BMW abandoned the car seconds after it hit a tree, but it is the minutes before that which are recorded in chilling detail on security cameras outside a shopping complex nearby.

At midnight on Sunday, the BMW collides with a motorcycle, flinging its two riders into the air.

25-year-old Shivam Dave would die on his way to hospital minutes later. His friend, Rahul Patel, who was steering the bike, is in critical condition.

What the 20 seconds of footage do not show is the driver. The police say that after hitting the motorcycle, the driver of the BMW kept going, dragging the bikers for about 200 metres, before hurtling into a tree. At this point, they say, the driver left.

The car is owned by a local doctor, Amit Shah. He says his driver was at the wheel, and is now missing.

The young men on the motorcycle were on their way home from dinner. Two other friends were following them on a scooter. They claim they spotted the driver running away from the car.

"When the accident happened, the person who was driving came out of the car and apologised. He spoke in English. A driver wouldn't have spoken in English. I can recognise the person who was driving," Lalit Gupta, one of the two friends and an eyewitness, told NDTV.

"On Monday, he would have gone to Porbandar for further studies in engineering," said Shivam's father.
Story First Published: February 26, 2013 20:48 IST

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