This Article is From Sep 05, 2022

Video: US Woman Stuck Upside-Down In Gym, Calls 911 From Her Smartwatch

A woman from Ohio, USA is trending big on the internet after she got stuck upside-down in gym while working out at 3am.

Video: US Woman Stuck Upside-Down In Gym, Calls 911 From Her Smartwatch

Christine Faulds was working out at gym at 3am when she got stuck in an exercise equipment

A woman from Ohio, in the United States, had to make an embarrassing phone call to 911 after she got trapped in an exercise equipment. Christine Faulds was working out at the inversion table at the 24-hour Powerhouse Gym in Berea where the incident took place at around 3am. Inversion table suspends the body upside down to help stretch the spine and relieve back pain. She was reportedly filming herself while working out. Moments later, Christine's exercise went south after she became stuck in the exercise equipment. 

According to The Independent, Ms Faulds' ankles were locked into the inversion table because of which she was unable to move from her position. She immediately called 911 for help from her watch as she setup her phone to record a video of herself. In the now viral video, Christine can be heard calling a guy named Jason, who was working out at the same gym, but due to loud music Jason couldn't hear the call for help. 

Check out the video here: 

In the video, Ms Faulds can be seen trying to lift herself up but to no avail. The women after being stuck for five-six minutes decided to call 911 from her smartwatch. She told the officer on call, “Hi, I couldn't look up the non-emergency number. There's only one other person at the gym and I got stuck in this you know that backboard thing that flips back?”

She further added, “I wish there were more people in the gym right now, but I'm stuck in this reverse back decompression thing. I don't know, I just can't get anyone's attention at the gym. I'm just stuck upside down and I cannot get myself right side up.”

Few moments later, an officer arrived to help Christine and freed her from the machine. The fitness enthusiast wasn't harmed during the ordeal.