Joe Biden vs Donald Trump: Key Issues In US Presidential Elections

US Election: The electionis setfor November 5, with results expected soon after.

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump: Key Issues In US Presidential Elections

A presidentialcandidate'sforeign policy ideas form the bedrock ofhis/hercampaign.

Four years after Democratic nominee Joe Biden defeated then-US President Donald Trump, the two political heavyweights are likely to lock horns again, come November. While neither party has officially declared their candidates, Mr Trump is presumably the nominee for the Republican Party, having faced no serious challenges in the primaries. Mr Biden, similarly, has come up as the clear frontrunner among Democrats during the state primaries. The election is set for November 5, with results expected soon after.

US Elections 2024: Key issues

Foreign policy

A presidential candidate's foreign policy ideas form the bedrock of his/her campaign. With the conflict in Ukraine and Israel's war in Gaza, the US electorate is keeping a close watch on what Mr Biden and Mr Trump propose to improve the situation and reduce the burden on the country's taxpayers. The Biden administration has drawn the ire of many, including Vivek Ramaswamy and Robert F Kennedy Jr, who have criticised the president for getting involved in regime change operations and favouring the “military-industrial complex”. 

Mr Kennedy Jr referred to the Russia-Ukraine war as a "proxy war" and claimed the US's approach was "terrible for the Ukrainian people." 

The $95 billion national security package, which includes $60 billion for Ukraine, is also facing delays in the Republican-led House of Representatives, with GOP members demanding changes.

Israel's war in Gaza

Despite over six months of continuous bombardment of Gaza where over 35,000 Palestinians, majorly women and kids, have been killed, both candidates are in support of Israel. Recent tensions between Iran, the arch enemy of the US, and Israel have also put President Biden in a spot. However, he's made it clear to Israel that the US won't take part in its retaliation against the Islamic Republic. 

Mr Trump's approach, on the other hand, is to prioritise swift resolution, showing less consideration for Palestine, echoing his previous pro-Israel stance. He has also hit out at Mr Biden for his "weakness" in dealing with Iran, especially after the country's drone attack on Israel. 


The US economy has bounced back stronger post the pandemic, according to President Biden. He sees this as a major success, citing low unemployment and steady growth with over 14 million new jobs. However, former President Trump disagrees, pointing to rising debt and inflation, leading to a cost of living crisis and discontent among voters. 

Taxes and business concerns are also some of the major issues. Mr Trump's 2017 tax plan cut rates for individuals and corporations, but Mr Biden plans to raise corporate taxes and top-income tax rates. 


Healthcare remains a pressing issue for Americans, with the US having one of the world's most expensive healthcare systems. Recent polls indicate that healthcare is a top concern among basic expenses for Americans. Democrats, including President Biden, pledge to support and improve Obamacare, an insurance policy introduced by former President Obama to provide coverage for citizens. 

In contrast, former President Trump sees Obamacare as a failed initiative and advocates for a complete overhaul of the system to ensure affordable healthcare for the US population. 


Illegal immigration has been an enormous concern to the US, with Mr Trump accusing Democrats and Mr Biden of encouraging it for political gain. He had initiated the construction of a border wall with Mexico during his term, but Mr Biden stopped funding the project after he was elected, leaving it unfinished.

According to recent reports from the Pew Research Centre, the unauthorised immigrant population in the United States was around 10.5 million in 2021. Among them, Indians make up the third-largest group, with approximately 725,000 people currently living in the country illegally.

Cultural issues

Cultural issues, including race, gender, and abortion, continue to divide the US population. President Biden supports reproductive freedom and opposes the overturning of Roe vs Wade, a landmark ruling that established the right to abortion. This stance contrasts with former President Trump's support for abortion restrictions, except under certain circumstances. 

The gender issue has also become a point of contention, with approximately 7% of Americans identifying as part of the LGBTQ community. Democrats advocate for freedom of choice and gender-neutral language, while Mr Trump and other Republicans, like Vivek Ramasamy, view it as a threat to traditional values and the Judeo-Christian way of life in American society.