This Article is From Mar 10, 2022

Ukraine Membership Of EU Is "Not For Tomorrow": French Minister

EU leaders had gathered in France to discuss the Ukraine crisis caused due to Russia's invasion.

Ukraine Membership Of EU Is 'Not For Tomorrow': French Minister

Clement Beaune, France's Minister, speaks at the European Railway Summit in Paris


The topic of Ukraine entering into the European Union is "not for tomorrow", said French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune, as EU leaders gathered in France to discuss the crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"It will take time," added Mr Beaune, referring to debates in international political circles over whether or not to give Ukraine a fast-track entry into the EU as a gesture of solidarity for Ukraine in light of the Russian invasion.

European Union leaders will phase out buying Russian oil, gas and coal as Moscow's war on Ukraine makes them realise they have to be less dependent on Russia, a draft declaration showed, but they are unlikely to offer Ukraine the fast EU membership it seeks.

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