UK Police Release Derogatory WhatsApp Chats Of 2 Cops Who "Rated" Female Colleagues

Two former UK police officers have been exposed for engaging in inappropriate and offensive behavior towards their female colleagues.

UK Police Release Derogatory WhatsApp Chats Of 2 Cops Who 'Rated' Female Colleagues

Lewd messages exchanged via WhatsApp between two officers have been exposed.

Two former Merseyside police officers, Inspector Andrew McLullich and PC Paul Jackson, have been exposed for engaging in inappropriate and offensive behaviour towards their female colleagues, according to BBC.

A disciplinary hearing revealed that the officers exchanged derogatory messages on WhatsApp, including photos of female colleagues without their consent, and engaged in graphic sexual discussions that objectified the women. These messages left the targeted officers feeling "preyed upon."

According to BBC, McLullich and Jackson resigned in 2022 before facing official misconduct charges. The details of their actions were withheld until the conclusion of an unrelated criminal trial where McLullich served as a witness.

This incident came to light after McLullich's phone was examined during the aforementioned trial. The investigation unearthed the incriminating WhatsApp messages dating back to March 2020. The messages included:

  • Photos of female officers were taken without their knowledge.
  • References to women using demeaning terms like "it" and "that"
  • Explicit discussions of sexual acts

The behaviour displayed by McLullich and Jackson constitutes a serious breach of professional conduct. Both officers have been barred from working in the police force ever again.

The following exchanges include screenshots and derogatory remarks about Miss A shared between Andrew McLullich and PC Paul Jackson in March 2020, along with a screenshot of Miss A's Facebook page.

Paul Jackson: Facebook says no.

Andrew McLullich: I found her on Facey. I win.

Paul Jackson: Hmm, I have a dubious one.

Paul Jackson: "Black Dress"

Paul Jackson: "Proper name that though... all fit

On April 13, 2020, McLullich sent a message telling Jackson to look up Miss B on Facebook.

Andrew McLullich: [Redacted] on Facebook when you get 5 minutes, mate.

Paul Jackson: Absolute filth; she is the one on the [redacted] block.

Andrew McLullich: Yup

Paul Jackson: Every dad's nightmare and dream are all in one there, depending on what kids you have.

Andrew McLullich: Haha. She's as hard as f*** too. Dopey as hell, though

Paul Jackson: She looks it; I remember she was dressed rather provocatively at the Christmas do (emoji). I'd only need a few minutes... max (emoji)