Thieves dig 100-foot tunnel into bank in Argentina

Buenos Aires: Hundreds of angry customers lined up outside a Buenos Aires bank after the news broke of a bold break-in. Police say thieves dug a tunnel into the bank and stole from nearly 140 safe deposit boxes.

"No, no, I thought that the bank was really safe, especially that part of the bank, but it is clear that if they entered from down below the place must not be secure," said one of the bank clients.

The prosecutor said the thieves rented the neighbouring building to the bank in June. The tunnel they dug included lighting, ventilation and reinforcement.

Authorities believe the burglars entered the bank and emptied the safe deposit boxes during the New Year's Eve weekend. The caper wasn't discovered until Monday morning.

Officials could not tell how much was stolen, since box owners do not have to say what they have secured.

Many Argentinians started using safe deposit boxes instead of regular bank accounts following a 2001 financial crisis.