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Russia Ukraine War Live: Ukraine Says Application Signed For EU Membership Amid Russia Attack

Ukraine War Updates: Ukraine has vowed not to give ground at talks with Moscow and said their goal for the talks was an immediate ceasefire.

Russia Ukraine War Live: Ukraine Says Application Signed For EU Membership Amid Russia Attack

Ukraine War: Fighting has claimed dozens of civilian lives.

The Ukrainian president has signed an application for the country's membership in European Union, tweeted the handle of the country's parliament, with the move coming in the midst of an invasion by Russian forces. 

Earlier in the day, talks were held between Ukraine and Russian representatives at the Belarussian border.

Ukraine has vowed not to give ground at talks with Moscow and said their goal for the talks was an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine.

Fighting has claimed dozens of civilian lives, forced hundreds and thousands of Ukrainians to flee west and could, according to the EU, eventually displace up to seven million people.

Russia has become an international pariah as its forces do battle on the streets of Ukraine's cities, facing a barrage of sanctions including a ban from Western airspace and key financial networks.

Here are the LIVE updates on Russia-Ukraine War:

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Feb 28, 2022 23:20 (IST)
Ukraine War: UK Freezes Putin, Russian Minister's Assets Over Ukraine Invasion
The UK government has ordered all assets of President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov frozen over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The Treasury issued a financial sanctions notice against the two men, adding them to a list of Russian oligarchs who have already had their property and bank accounts in the UK frozen. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier told his NATO partners he was planning "imminent" sanctions against Putin and Lavrov. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 23:08 (IST)
Feb 28, 2022 22:46 (IST)
Russia expected to try and encircle Kyiv in coming days, says US official
"We expect that they're going to want to continue to move forward and try to encircle the city in the coming days," a US official said. Russian troops were about 25 km from Kyiv's city center, he added. 
Feb 28, 2022 22:44 (IST)
US President Biden hosts calls with allies as Russia puts nuclear deterrent on alert
The United States said the Russian president was escalating the war with "dangerous rhetoric." White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Putin has displayed a pattern of "manufacturing threats" that don't exist in order to justify further aggression, reported news agency Reuters.
Feb 28, 2022 22:43 (IST)
UK says it will freeze assets of all Russian banks in days
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the freeze would take effect "in days", as part of new legislation to squeeze Russia's economy for its "unjustified aggression".
Feb 28, 2022 22:42 (IST)
UN chief says nuclear conflict 'inconceivable'
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told an emergency session of the 193-member General Assembly on Ukraine on Monday that the idea of a nuclear conflict was "simply inconceivable."

Russian President Vladimir Putin put Russia's nuclear deterrent on high alert on Sunday, a development Guterres described as a "chilling development", reported news agency Reuters.

Feb 28, 2022 22:41 (IST)
UK will lead on efforts to get Russia suspended from Interpol
UK will lead international efforts to see that Russia is suspended from the global police agency Interpol. 

"The Ukrainian government has today requested that the Russian government be suspended from its membership of Interpol and we will be leading all international efforts to that effect," interior minister Priti Patel said.
Feb 28, 2022 22:40 (IST)
Ukraine War: UK Bans Russian Vessels From Its Ports Over Ukraine Invasion
British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on Monday ordered all UK seaports to turn away Russian vessels, in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine. The banning order applied to "any ship which they have reason to believe is owned, controlled or operated by any person connected with Russia" or on a sanctions list, "flying the Russian flag; registered in Russia", he tweeted. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 22:07 (IST)
US says "no reason to change" nuclear alert levels at this time
The United States sees "no reason to change" its nuclear alert levels at this time, the White House said on Monday after Russian President Vladimir Putin put Russia's nuclear deterrent on high alert amid a barrage of Western reprisals over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, reports Reuters.
Feb 28, 2022 22:01 (IST)
UK bans Russian vessels from its seaports, reports AFP
Feb 28, 2022 21:57 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: British-Russian Media Mogul Urges Putin To End Ukraine War
The Russian owner of one of Britain's leading newspapers on Monday urged President Vladimir Putin to withdraw from Ukraine, to prevent further bloodshed and war with Europe.

Feb 28, 2022 21:35 (IST)
Russia bans all residents from transferring money abroad: Kremlin
Russia bans all residents from transferring money abroad: Kremlin
Feb 28, 2022 21:32 (IST)
Ukraine War: Ukraine Says Has Signed Application For European Union Membership
Feb 28, 2022 21:31 (IST)
Ukraine War: UK Says Will Freeze Assets Of All Russian Banks "In Days"
All Russian banks will have their assets frozen within days, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Monday, as part of plans to ramp up economic sanctions. "We will bring in a full asset freeze on all Russian banks in days, looking to coordinate with our allies," Truss told parliament, saying it was designed to prevent the Kremlin funding its invasion of Ukraine. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 21:29 (IST)
Ukraine War: US Shuts Embassy In Belarus, Allows Embassy Evacuation In Russia
The US shuttered its embassy in Minsk (in Belarus which is a Russian ally) and allowed non-emergency employees and family members to leave its embassy in Moscow on Monday as Russia pushed on with its invasion of Ukraine for a fifth day. "We took these steps due to security and safety issues stemming from the unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces in Ukraine," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 21:20 (IST)
UK to freeze assets of all Russian banks 'in days', reports AFP
Feb 28, 2022 21:19 (IST)
Ukraine War: UK Warns Against All Travel To Russia Amid Ukraine War
The UK government on Monday warned against "all travel to Russia", after the Kremlin ordered its troops into Ukraine, prompting swingeing Western sanctions. "Available flight options to return to the UK are limited and the Russian economy is becoming increasingly volatile," the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office tweeted. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 21:14 (IST)
Ukraine War: Macron Urges Putin To Spare Ukrainian Civilians During 90-Minute Call
French President Emmanuel Macron called on Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday to spare civilians in Ukraine, the French leader's office said in a statement. Macron's office said in a statement that in a 90-minute phone call he had asked the Russian leader to stop attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, and secure major roadways, in particular the road from the south of Kyiv. "President Putin confirmed his willingness to make commitments on these three points," the statement said. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 20:46 (IST)
Ukraine War: 8 Karnataka Students Stranded In Ukraine Send SOS For Rescue
Eight students from Karnataka, including a native of Udupi, have sent a moving video in which they urged the Union government to rescue them from the war zone in Ukraine as they have run out of food and water. In the video, the youth are seen appealing for help. They said, "We are badly stuck in Kharkiv city. Our situation is extremely critical. For the past two days, we have not eaten anything. We are having only bread and chocolates. There is no proper light, water and air in the area where we are stuck. We are drinking recycled water." (PTI)
Feb 28, 2022 20:44 (IST)
Special UN General Assembly Session Opens With Minute Of Silence For Ukraine
The United Nations General Assembly observed a minute of silence for Ukraine Monday as it opened a special emergency session to discuss whether to condemn Russia's invasion of its neighbor. Assembly president Abdulla Shahid led the UN's 193 members in the moment of meditation before calling for "an immediate ceasefire" in the conflict. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 20:39 (IST)
France's Next Targets - Luxury Cars, Yachts Of Russian Oligarchs

France is drawing up a list of property owned by Russian oligarchs including luxury cars and yachts that can be seized under EU sanctions imposed following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Feb 28, 2022 20:32 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: Western Sanctions Intended To Bring Down Putin Regime: UK
Western sanctions in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine are designed to topple Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman said Monday.

Feb 28, 2022 20:18 (IST)
Russian Shelling Kills 11 Civilians In Ukraine's 2nd City Kharkiv: Report

At least 11 civilians have been killed in Russian shelling on Ukraine's second most populated city Kharkiv on Monday, the regional governor said, adding dozens more had been injured.
Feb 28, 2022 20:16 (IST)
Ukraine War: Switzerland Bans 5 Oligarchs Close To Russia's Putin
Switzerland has banned five oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin from entering the country, Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter told a news conference after neutral Switzerland adopted EU sanctions on Russia. She did not name them, citing privacy considerations. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 20:05 (IST)
Ukraine Soldiers Who Told Russian Ship Go Fu*k Yourself, Alive: Reports

A group of Ukrainian troops, who were believed to have been killed in action after defying the Russian Navy's warning to surrender, are alive after they were taken prisoners, the news website Spectator Index claimed in a tweet.
Feb 28, 2022 19:51 (IST)
US recommends Americans in Russia leave "immediately": State Department
US recommends Americans in Russia leave "immediately": State Department
Feb 28, 2022 19:33 (IST)
Ukraine Russia Crisis: Russia Bans Airlines From 36 Countries Including Britain And Germany
Russia has announced it is banning flights by airlines from 36 countries including Britain and Germany in response to a slew of bans on its planes.
Feb 28, 2022 18:50 (IST)
PM Modi to soon chair a high-level meeting on the Ukraine situation, say sources
Feb 28, 2022 18:47 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: European Union Plans To Grant Ukrainians Right To Stay For Up To 3 Years
The European Union is preparing to grant Ukrainians who flee the war the right to stay and work in the 27-nation bloc for up to three years, senior EU and French officials said, thanking volunteers at the borders for helping those who arrive.
Feb 28, 2022 18:42 (IST)
Ukraine War: Russia Says It Banned Airlines From 36 Countries
Russia, which is facing airspace ban in Europe and Canada and global condemnation over its decision to invade Ukraine, has banned airlines from 36 countries, its aviation authority said. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 18:40 (IST)
Ukraine War: Russian Foreign Minister Cancels Geneva Trip Due To EU Airspace Ban
Russian Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov has cancelled a trip to Geneva for disarmament talks because his plane would not be able to pass through airspace that the European Union has closed to Russian aviation as part of sanctions against Moscow, RIA news agency quoted a diplomatic source as saying on Monday. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 18:38 (IST)
Russia Puts Strategic Missile Forces On Enhanced Combat Duty
Russia's defence ministry on Monday said its strategic missile forces and Northern and Pacific fleets had been placed on enhanced combat duty, the Interfax news agency reported, in line with an order from President Vladimir Putin.

Feb 28, 2022 18:37 (IST)
Russia Uses Controversial Cluster Bombs In Ukraine, Hits School: Amnesty
Rights groups have called on Russia to stop using cluster munitions in Ukraine, saying fatal strikes using the indiscriminate weapons on a hospital and a school could constitute war crimes.

Feb 28, 2022 18:34 (IST)
U.S. halts operations at embassy in Belarus, OKs evacuation from U.S. embassy in Moscow: Reuters
Operations at the U.S. embassy in Minsk have been suspended and non-emergency employees and family members are authorized to voluntarily depart the U.S. embassy in Moscow, Secretary of State Blinken said in a statement on Monday. 

"We took these steps due to security and safety issues stemming from the unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces in Ukraine," Blinken said, according to ,news agency Reuters.
Feb 28, 2022 18:23 (IST)
Russian Ruble Crashes Amid Western Sanctions Over Ukraine Assault
The ruble collapsed against the dollar and the euro on the Moscow Stock Exchange on Monday as the West punished Moscow with harsh new sanctions over the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine.

Feb 28, 2022 18:16 (IST)
Ukraine War: EU To Impose New Sanctions On Belarus This Week: Official
The European Union is planning to impose new sanctions on Belarus this week for helping the Russian invasion of Ukraine, hitting exports, oligarchs, central bank and cutting Belarusian banks off from SWIFT, a senior EU official said on Monday. "In terms of the economic sanctions package, it's imminent, it'll probably be proposed either today or tomorrow," the official, who asked not to be named, said. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 18:11 (IST)
US authorizes voluntary departure of non-emergency staff from Moscow embassy, says State Department
Feb 28, 2022 18:09 (IST)
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Foreign Students in Ukraine
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has requested the relevant agencies of Ukraine to step up support to foreign citizens, including students, wishing to return to their home countries or move to third countries due to the Russian military invasion. 

In particular, the Ukrainian government is doing its best to facilitate their passage at the state border which has become overwhelmed with the massive influx of people fleeing Russia's armed aggression.

Temporary volunteer assistance points have been set up at the border to provide foreign students with food and cater for other humanitarian needs.

As active fighting continues, we also believe it is more secure at this time for foreign students to stay at their places of residence in Ukraine.   

However, do not be misled by Russian disinformation. 

There is no discrimination based on the race or nationality, including when it comes to the crossing of the state border by foreign citizens. The first come first served approach applied to all nationalities. There is also a standard procedure of documentation applied, with certain humanitarian exceptions allowed for women and children.

We call on all states to demand from President Putin that he stops immediately his war against Ukraine which will be the best way to secure the safety and security of their citizens in Ukraine.
Feb 28, 2022 18:08 (IST)
US says it has suspended operations at Belarus embassy
Feb 28, 2022 17:58 (IST)
6 Flights Carrying 1,396 Indians Evacuated From Ukraine Landed In India: Centre
Over 8,000 Indians have left Ukraine since the initial advisory was issued, the foreign ministry announced today. Six evacuation flights have landed in India carrying evacuated 1,396 citizens. Four of these came from Bucharest and two from Budapest, it said.
Feb 28, 2022 17:17 (IST)
Ukraine War: Dozens Killed In Rocket Strikes On 2nd Ukraine City: Report Cites Official
Dozens of people were killed in rocket strikes by Russian forces on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Monday morning, Ukrainian interior ministry adviser Anton Herashchenko said. "Kharkiv has just been massively fired upon by grads (rockets). Dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded," he said in a post on Facebook. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 17:12 (IST)
Ukraine War: Flight Carrying 240 Indians Evacuated From Ukraine Lands In Delhi
An Air India flight from Romania carrying 240 Indian citizens evacuated from Ukraine has landed in New Delhi at 4:54 PM today.
Feb 28, 2022 17:11 (IST)
Ukraine War: Embassy Urges Indians To Head To Railway Station As Kyiv Curfew Lifted
The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has issued a second advisory for the Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine on Monday and advised them to reach the railway station as the weekend curfew in Kyiv has been lifted. "Weekend curfew lifted in Kyiv. All students are advised to make their way to the railway station for onward journey to the western parts," said the advisory. It added that Ukraine Railways is putting special trains for evacuations. (ANI)
Feb 28, 2022 17:03 (IST)
Ukraine War: S Jaishankar, Poland Foreign Minister Discuss Ukraine Developments
Feb 28, 2022 16:59 (IST)
Ukraine War: Japan Joins Sanctions On Russian Central Bank
Japan is to join the international sanction on Russian central bank by limiting transactions, prime minister Fumio Kishida said on Monday after speaking with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy by telephone. Kishida also said Japan will put sanctions on Belarusian individuals and organisations including President Alexander Lukashenko, as well as limit exports given the country's "evident involvement in the invasion" of Ukraine. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 16:47 (IST)
Ukraine War: "Different Opinions" On EU Enlargement After Ukraine Plea
A top EU official said Monday there were disagreements among the 27 member states on enlarging the bloc, as Kyiv appealed for membership in the face of a Russian invasion. "There are different opinions and sensitivities within the EU on enlargement," European Council chief Charles Michel said. He said that Kyiv would have to submit an official request to join, then member states would have to come up with a unanimous position. (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 16:46 (IST)
Veon's Ukrainian mobile network "up and running", CEO says
Veon's mobile network in Ukraine, where it is the biggest operator, is currently running, its chief executive officer Kaan Terzioglu said on Monday as a war was raging on in the country of 44 million people. "We have 4,000 people in Ukraine trying bravely, very hard to keep our network up and running," Terzioglu told Reuters in an interview." "And so far, they're successful."
Feb 28, 2022 16:41 (IST)
Belarus nuclear referendum "greatly worrying", EU's Borrell says
The referendum vote in Belarus to ditch its non-nuclear status was a "greatly worrying" move orchestrated by the country's strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko, European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Monday. The vote to change the constitution, passed by 65% according to official data, could see nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil for the first time since the country gave them up after the fall of the Soviet Union.
Feb 28, 2022 16:34 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Says Will Not "Declare Position" Ahead Of Ukraine Talks
The Kremlin said it would not declare its official position ahead of talks with a Ukrainian delegation on Monday as Moscow's assault against Ukraine went into a fifth day. "I suggest we wait for the talks," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. "I would not declare any negotiating positions and so on." (AFP)
Feb 28, 2022 16:32 (IST)
Ukraine War: Airbnb To House Up To 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees
Home rental company Airbnb Inc said today its non-profit arm would offer free, temporary housing for up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine. Chief Executive Brian Officer Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, the chairman of, have sent letters to leaders of Poland, Romania, Germany and Hungary offering help to house the refugees. The countries share borders with Ukraine. At least 300,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered the European Union so far after Russia's invasion of the country, and the bloc needs to prepare for millions more, senior EU and French officials have said. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 16:02 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine Talks Have Begun, Says Ukraine Presidential Advisor
Talks between Ukraine and Russia have started at Belarussian border, Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak told news agency Reuters via text message today. Earlier, the Ukrainian president's office said Ukraine's goal for the talks was an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine. (Reuters)
Feb 28, 2022 15:59 (IST)
Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine Suffering Many Civilian Casualties, Says Envoy To India
The Ukrainian Ambassador to India Dr Igor Polikha on Monday said that the country has suffered many civilian casualties due to Russian invasion. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, Dr Polikha said, "We're suffering a lot of civilian casualties. According to official information of our ministry, already 16 children were killed from bombings, shellings and so on as a result of Russian peace-fighting operation." (ANI)
Feb 28, 2022 15:54 (IST)
Ukraine Crisis: Jyotiraditya Scindia To Oversee Evacuation In Romania, Moldova
Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia will be overseeing evacuation operations of stranded Indians in Romania and Moldova, while Law Minister Kiren Rijiju will be visiting Slovakia. Meanwhile, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri will be overlooking operations in Hungary, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Road Transport Gen (Retd) VK Singh will manage evacuations in Poland. (ANI)
Feb 28, 2022 14:53 (IST)
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demands 'immediate' EU membership for Ukraine
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday urged the European Union to grant his country immediate membership, as Russia's assault against the pro-Western country went into its fifth day.

"We appeal to the European Union for the immediate accession of Ukraine via a new special procedure," the 44-year-old leader said in a new video address. 

"Our goal is to be together with all Europeans and, most importantly, to be on an equal footing. I'm sure it's fair. I'm sure it's possible."
Feb 28, 2022 14:49 (IST)
Ukraine leader urges Russian soldiers to lay down arms
Ukraine's president Volodymr Zelensky on Monday urged Russian soldiers to lay down their weapons and desert as Ukrainian and Russian delegations were set to hold talks on Moscow's invasion.

"Abandon your equipment. Get out of here. Don't believe your commanders. Don't believe your propagandists. Just save your lives," Zelensky said in a new address to Russia's forces, claiming that more than 4,500 Russian soldiers had already lost their lives during the Kremlin's assault.
Feb 28, 2022 14:48 (IST)
Just In| 102 civilians killed in Ukraine war, including seven children, says UN

Feb 28, 2022 14:24 (IST)
Ukraine demands 'immediate ceasefire', Russian withdrawal
Ukraine demanded an immediate Russian ceasefire and troop withdrawal on Monday as a Kyiv delegation arrived for talks with Russian negotiators on the fifth day of the Kremlin's offensive against the country.

"The Ukrainian delegation arrived at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border to take part in talks with representatives of the Russian Federation," the Ukrainian presidency said in a statement. "The key issue of the talks is an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine.
Feb 28, 2022 14:14 (IST)
Just In| Ukraine demands 'immediate ceasefire', Russian troop withdrawal: news agency AFP

Feb 28, 2022 14:14 (IST)
UN rights council votes to hold urgent debate on Ukraine

The UN Human Rights Council voted Monday to hold an urgent debate about Russia's deadly invasion of Ukraine, as requested by Kyiv, amid widespread international condemnation of Moscow's attack.

Ukraine's request to hold an urgent debate at the council in Geneva was supported by 29 of the council's 47 members, with five voting against, including Russia and China, and 13 abstentions
Feb 28, 2022 14:10 (IST)
Just In| Ukraine delegation arrives for talks with Russia: news agency AFP

Feb 28, 2022 13:51 (IST)
UK says no "significant change" in Russia's nuclear posture
The UK government has seen no major change to Russia's nuclear posture despite President Vladimir Putin placing his strategic forces on high alert, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday.

"We've looked at their posture. There isn't a significant change," Wallace said on LBC radio, accusing Putin of trying to "flex muscles" with his invasion of Ukraine bogged down.
Feb 28, 2022 13:44 (IST)
Just In| Russia says wants to reach agreement with Ukraine, says negotiator: news agency AFP

Feb 28, 2022 13:44 (IST)
Ukraine Civilians Can "Freely" Leave Kyiv: Russian Army

The Russian army said Monday that Ukrainian civilians could "freely" leave the country's capital Kyiv and stressed it had air superiority over Ukraine as its invasion went into its fifth day.

"All civilians in the city can freely leave the Ukrainian capital along the Kyiv-Vasylkiv highway. This direction is open and safe," Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in televised remarks.

"Russian aviation has gained air superiority over the entire territory of Ukraine," he added, accusing Ukrainian troops of using civilians as human shields.

Feb 28, 2022 13:20 (IST)
Ukraine Army Says Russians "Reduced Pace Of Offensive": 5 Latest Facts
As Russia finds itself increasingly isolated globally, it has raised the nuclear threat amid bitter criticism from the West. India, meanwhile, has abstained from another vote on Ukraine at the UN as evacuation efforts get challenging at the borders. Read more

Ukraine Army Says Russians 'Reduced Pace Of Offensive': 5 Latest Facts
Feb 28, 2022 12:53 (IST)
Just In| Russian military claims air superiority in Ukraine: news agency AFP

Feb 28, 2022 12:53 (IST)
Just In| Russian army says Ukraine civilians can 'freely' leave Kyiv: news agency AFP
Feb 28, 2022 12:16 (IST)
Just In| Ukraine army says Russian troops 'reduced pace of offensive': news agency AFP

Feb 28, 2022 12:16 (IST)
"Jai Hind, Please Help!" SOS From Ukraine Shared By Priyanka Gandhi
As thousands of Indian students stranded in Ukraine try to return home using land routes out of the country, a young woman's video has been widely shared, including by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. "Please, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, please help us," says the student.

As Russian forces continue their offensive in Ukraine, Indian students are being taken to Ukraine's border with Romania, Hungary and Poland by buses, from where they are being flown home by Air India flights.

'Jai Hind, Please Help!' SOS From Ukraine Shared By Priyanka Gandhi
Feb 28, 2022 12:02 (IST)
PM Calls Ukraine Meet; 4 Ministers To Go For Evacuation Ops, Say Sources
Four Union Ministers will fly to Ukraine's neighbouring countries to coordinate the evacuation of Indian students stranded in the middle of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, sources said today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting with top ministers and officials this morning on the Ukraine crisis and Indians who are trying to leave Ukraine.

Ministers Hardeep Puri, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kiren Rijiju and VK Singh will travel to the countries surrounding Ukraine as special envoys of India to help with the evacuation.

"The PM said the safe evacuation of students is a priority," sources said on the second such meeting called by PM Modi in two days.

Feb 28, 2022 11:45 (IST)
Feb 28, 2022 11:42 (IST)
Russia, Ukraine To Hold Talks, UN Emergency Session Today
Holding strong against the Russian invasion and retaining control over its major cities, Ukraine has started speaking to Russia on finding a way forward. The move comes as protests against Russia grow, both within its borders and beyond them. Read more

Russia, Ukraine To Hold Talks, UN Emergency Session Today: 10 Points

Feb 28, 2022 11:37 (IST)
Russian Airline Aeroflot Violated Canadian Airspace: Official
Russian airline Aeroflot on Sunday violated a ban on aircraft from the country using Canadian airspace, regulator Transport Canada said, on the same day the restriction was imposed in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

"We are aware that Aeroflot Flight 111 violated the prohibition put in place earlier today on Russian flights using Canadian airspace," Transport Canada said in a tweet late on Sunday.

Flight 111 travels from Miami, Florida to Moscow and took off at 15:12 ET, according to FlightRadar24.

Feb 28, 2022 10:51 (IST)
Feb 28, 2022 10:51 (IST)
Canada closes airspace to all Russian carriers
Canada has closed its airspace to all Russian carriers in protest at the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ottawa announced Sunday.

But the ban was quickly tested when, according to Canadian officials, a plane operated by Russian airline Aeroflot flew over the country.

Aeroflot flight 111 had departed Miami, Florida, bound for Moscow.

Announcing the measure earlier in the day, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said: "We will hold Russia accountable for its unprovoked attacks against Ukraine."

The closure, effective immediately, aligned Canada with the vast majority of European countries.

Feb 28, 2022 10:45 (IST)
Russia facing World Cup exile after 'unacceptable' FIFA plan

Russia's future in the World Cup teetered on a knife-edge Monday after FIFA plans to allow them to play on neutral territory were dismissed as "unacceptable" by rivals, plunging the qualifying process for football's showpiece event into chaos.

Governing body FIFA warned that they were considering the ultimate sanction against Russia as punishment for their bloody invasion of Ukraine.

However, after three days of silence, they stopped short and ordered Russia to play home internationals at neutral venues where their national flag and anthem would be banned.

Russian teams would be known as the Football Union of Russia.
Feb 28, 2022 10:31 (IST)
Google Temporarily Disables Google Maps Live Traffic Data In Ukraine

Alphabet Inc's Google confirmed on Sunday it has temporarily disabled in Ukraine some Google Maps tools which provide live information about traffic conditions and how busy different places are.

The company said it had taken the action for the safety of local communities in the country, after consulting with sources including regional authorities. Ukraine is facing attacks from invading Russian forces.
Feb 28, 2022 10:00 (IST)
Russia's Isolation Deepens As Ukraine Resists Invasion
Russia's political and economic isolation deepened on Monday as its forces met stiff resistance in Ukraine's capital and other cities in the biggest assault on a European state since World War Two.

President Vladimir Putin put Russia's nuclear deterrent on high alert on Sunday in the face of a barrage of Western-led reprisals for his war on Ukraine, which said it had repelled Russian ground forces' attempts to capture urban centres.

Blasts were heard before dawn on Monday in the capital of Kyiv, breaking a few hours of quiet, and in the major city of Kharkiv, Ukraine's State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection said.

Russia's Isolation Deepens As Ukraine Resists Invasion
Feb 28, 2022 09:41 (IST)
Joe Biden, allies to talk Monday to coordinate Ukraine response: White House

US President Joe Biden will hold a secure call with allies and partners on Monday to discuss "developments" in Russia's attack on Ukraine and "coordinate our united response," the White House said.

The administration did not elaborate on who would participate in the call, which will take place at 11:15 am (1615 GMT).

Russia has become an international pariah as its forces do battle on the streets of Ukraine's cities, and is facing a barrage of sanctions including a ban from Western airspace and key financial networks.

Feb 28, 2022 08:38 (IST)
Russia stripped of world junior swimming championships

Swimming's governing body FINA pulled the world junior championships from Russia Monday and said no other events will be held in the country "if this grave crisis continues".

Swimming powerhouse Australia welcomed the decision, which came after criticism that FINA had been slow to follow other sports in cancelling events following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"FINA remains extremely concerned with the continuing war in Ukraine and following ongoing consultation with athletes and stakeholders from the aquatics family, FINA can confirm that the eighth World Junior Swimming Championships is cancelled," it said on Twitter.

"FINA will not be holding any future events in Russia if this grave crisis continues," it added.
Feb 28, 2022 08:03 (IST)
Belarus votes to give up non-nuclear status

Belarusians voted Monday to allow the country to host nuclear weapons and Russian forces permanently, results showed, part of a package of constitutional reforms that also extended the rule of leader Alexander Lukashenko.

The referendum was held Sunday as the ex-Soviet country's neighbour Ukraine is under attack from Russian troops and delegations from Moscow and Kyiv are expected to meet for talks on the Belarusian border.

Central Election Commission head Igor Karpenko said 65.16 percent of referendum participants voted in favour of the amendments and 10.07 percent voted against, Russian news agencies reported.

According to Karpenko, voter turnout stood at 78.63 percent. 
Feb 28, 2022 08:03 (IST)
Canada to send military equipment to Ukraine

Canada announced Sunday that it would ship non-lethal protective military equipment such as helmets to Ukraine's army, but again ruled out sending troops in against Russian forces.

Ukrainian troops need bulletproof vests, helmets, gas masks and night vision equipment, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said at a press conference. 

The contributions by Ottawa will amount to 25 million Canadian dollars (17.6 million euros), said Joly, stressing that she had received the request "directly" from Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna. 

Feb 28, 2022 08:03 (IST)
The fifth Operation Ganga flight, carrying 249 Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine, departed from Bucharest (Romania) reaches Delhi airport

Feb 28, 2022 07:59 (IST)
Feb 28, 2022 07:51 (IST)
Brazil 'neutral' in Russia-Ukraine conflict, Bolsonaro says
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Sunday that South America's biggest country will remain "neutral" over Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

The far-right Bolsonaro, who undertook a controversial visit to Moscow on February 16 to meet with President Vladimir Putin just as Russian leaders were finalizing plans for their full-scale invasion, said his Russian counterpart confided some "secret" issues about Ukraine in their lengthy conversation.

Bolsonaro said he told Putin that Brazil will maintain a position of neutrality in the war, and that it remains "in favor of peace."

"We are not going to take sides," Bolsonaro told reporters. "We are going to continue our neutrality and help as much as possible in the search for a solution.
Feb 28, 2022 06:52 (IST)
US asks Americans in Russia to 'consider' leaving now
The United States on Sunday asked its citizens in Russia to "consider" leaving immediately, as commercial airlines cancelled flights and nations shut airspace in efforts to tighten the screws on Moscow for invading Ukraine.

"An increasing number of airlines are cancelling flights into and out of Russia, and numerous countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines," said the US embassy in Moscow in a statement.

It called on its citizens to "consider departing Russia immediately via commercial options still available."

But the US embassy said that Washington was not changing its travel advisory to Russia.
Feb 28, 2022 06:50 (IST)
Ukrainian President speaks with Boris Johnson, agree on further joint steps to counter 'aggressor'
Amid ongoing tensions between Moscow and Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday (local time) spoke with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Polish President Andrzej Duda and agreed on further joint steps to counter the "aggressor".

"Talked to UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson and Poland President @AndrzejDuda about the current security situation. Agreed on further joint steps to counter the aggressor. Anti-war coalition in action!," Zelenskyy tweeted.