Mysterious piano appearance case solved

Florida: The mystery of the sudden appearance of a baby grand piano on a beach in Florida was solved on Thursday when a student admitted that he had placed it there as part of his application for art school.

US student Nicholas Harrington, 16, apparently wanted to write an essay on the stunt as part of his application for a leading Arts College.

"I like the surrealness of it all; it's out of your everyday life. If you are on your boat and you see a piano... that's why everyone likes it so much too," said Harrington.

A wildlife conservation officer did not share Nicholas' artistic enthusiasm and told the teenager to either remove the piano in 24 hours or face felony dumping charges.

Nicholas quickly chose the former employing a towing company to remove the piano from the bay.

However, the theatrics didn't go away that easy. Nicholas was seen pretending to play the piano even when it was being destroyed by setting it on fire.