Husband of Indian-origin woman burnt alive in New Zealand traced in Fiji

Husband of Indian-origin woman burnt alive in New Zealand traced in Fiji
Melbourne: Police claim to have tracked down in Fiji the husband of a young Indian-origin woman burnt to death in New Zealand, a day after the Interpol was alerted to trace him for his alleged involvement in the incident.

Detective Senior Sergeant Nigel Keall of New Zealand police said the couple's four-year-old boy has been located in Fiji by authorities, along with the victim's husband who's "a person of considerable significance" in the investigation.

"The boy's father is a person of interest in relation to the homicide enquiry into the death of his wife, 28-year-old Ranjeeta Sharma, of South Auckland whose body was found west of Huntley on Thursday night.

"Our inquiry is continuing and we are seeking further clarification from Fiji police of the circumstances surrounding the father being located. Until we've had further discussions with Fiji police we are unable to add more at this stage," Keall was quoted by the 'Waikato Times' as saying.

The husband, who has been identified as Devesh Kumar Sharma by the newspaper, allegedly flew out of New Zealand to Fiji, along with their son Akash, on Friday, a day after his wife was spotted burning by the side of an isolated road near Huntley in that country. The Sharmas hailed from Fiji. Meanwhile, New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman Chris Wilson said that his country has an extradition agreement with Fiji. "At this stage it is a police matter and we will provide police with any assistance they require of us," he said.

The New Zealand police are now working with Interpol to ascertain the safety of the child who his mother described as "my little boy my life" in December when she had posted a photograph on her 'Facebook' page.

On the social networking site, she said that she's married, studied at Manukau Institute of Technology, worked at Middlemore Hospital and is from Suva in Fiji, the daily said.