This Article is From May 26, 2023

Huge Bear Strolls Into Bakery In US, Destroys 60 Cupcakes

The owner of the bakery said in an Instagram post that the bear hid briefly near a garbage can before entering the shop.

Huge Bear Strolls Into Bakery In US, Destroys 60 Cupcakes

The bakery employees called emergency number 911 for help.

A huge bear was caught on camera strolling into a bakery in Connecticut and leaving with dozens of cupcakes. The employees of Taste by Spellbound were left shaken by the unexpected encounter. They said the black bear entered the bakery as a worker was loading up the last bit of the treats into a van for deliveries. The shop's owner said in an Instagram post that the animal was staring right at the employee. A video of the incident caught on CCTV installed near the shop shows the bear creeping into the garage after hiding briefly near a garbage can for a while.

"All of the sudden we hear her screaming bloody murder and then yelling 'there's a bear in the garage!'" the owner of Taste by Spellbound said on Instagram.

The employee, identified as Maureen by the owner, "ran into the kitchen as fast as she could and slammed the door that goes into the loading area and held it tight".

Speaking to local television channel WTNH, Maureen called the encounter "a little shocking". The woman added that she screamed at the animal but it came back three times before she could close the garage door.

"At that point, I knew I wasn't going to shut the door. He was too close. So, I backed myself out and ran," said Maureen.

The bakery owner said the bear destroyed 60 cupcakes a bunch of coconut cake.

In the Instagram post, she also said that they finally got the bear to fully retreat in peace when one of the bakers got in their car and drove around back