This Article is From Jan 31, 2011

Cyclone hits Australia's flood ravaged northeast

Queensland: Cyclone Anthony hit Australia's already flood damaged northeast in the early hours of Monday - with winds of up to 80 miles an hour.

Sparks few from downed power cables as rain lashed the streets.

Despite the strong winds most areas were spared serious damage.

Queensland has already suffered months of flooding since heavy rains began in November.

At least thirty five people have been killed by the extreme weather and it's damaged or destroyed at least thirty thousand homes and businesses.

Meanwhile a more potent cyclone is brewing in the South Pacific.

Forecasters say that Cyclone Yasi is expected to hit Queensland on Wednesday or Thursday with winds of up to 162 miles an hour.

Residents in Bowen woke up to assess the damage done by Cyclone Anthony.

Local woman Margaret Bean, says she thinks it's going to be bad.

"I've been through cyclones stacks of times, you know, here in Bowen. And I think this is a savage one that's out there now.", she said.

Fearing the worst storm the state has ever had to deal with emergency evacuation shelters are being made available and disaster management officials are on high alert.