This Article is From Apr 21, 2011

Catch: Baby laughs hysterically as dog pops bubbles

Let me take all the credit for chasing your blues away this rather dull Thursday afternoon.

Catch a most picture-perfect baby, Molly, with a picture-perfect pet dog, Bennie, enjoy a simple moment. The baby's laughs as the dog pops bubbles are so infectious I caught myself matching laugh for laugh and waiting for the next bubble to be popped. Hysterical bubbles, as this video is aptly named, has gone viral.

As home videos go, this is one of those that make you long to get out your own video camera from its long forgotten corner at the back of the drawer and catch the most precious moments of life before they just slip by.

After watching this video, I chased links to catch more Molly moments. Here is what seems to be her mom's Molly page on YouTube. Eight more videos and many more delightful baby laughs there. Congratulations to Molly's parents for bringing up such a happy baby. (Watch)

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