British Backpacker Trapped In 'Hellhole' Bolivian Prison, Family Appeals For Help

John Henshaw, from Atherton, Greater Manchester, was travelling in South America when he was reportedly arrested on a drug trafficking charge.

British Backpacker Trapped In 'Hellhole' Bolivian Prison, Family Appeals For Help

Henshaw was seized by Bolivian police for possessing a small amount of cannabis.

John Henshaw, a British backpacker from Atherton, Greater Manchester, is facing dire conditions in San Pedro prison, Bolivia, after being arrested on drug trafficking charges, which his family claims are false, according to The Metro.

Henshaw was reportedly detained at La Paz International Airport in February for possessing a small amount of cannabis. He now finds himself incarcerated in San Pedro, a notorious prison known for its harsh living conditions and inmate-run operations, reported the news outlet.

The 39-year-old lacks access to basic necessities like a bed, clean water, and consistent food. He sleeps on the floor alongside dozens of other inmates and shares toilets with a significantly larger group.

San Pedro's overcrowding is another challenge. Originally built for 600 inmates, it now houses roughly 3,000. Living conditions vary depending on financial resources; some prisoners can even purchase "suites" with amenities like beds and Wi-Fi.

Henshaw's family expresses deep concern for his well-being. He has reportedly suffered from illness and weight loss due to factors such as insect infestations and inadequate nutrition.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support John's legal fight and provide him with essential items. So far, it has raised nearly 4,318 pounds of the 6,000-pound goal.

"John has found himself in one of the worst prisons in South America. He's been thrown in San Pedro, La Paz, Bolivia, which is featured on an episode of "Worlds Toughest Jails"," mentions the post.

Henshaw's ex-partner, Toni Rimmer, is actively involved in his legal efforts from the UK. Both she and their daughter, Kaitlyn, are desperately worried about his safety and long for his return home.