This Article is From Dec 02, 2022

Boss Who Bullied Gay Couple Asked To Pay 120,000 Pound In UK

Tim Jeurninck and his partner Marco Scatena were "bullied for months on end" at the London eatery.

Boss Who Bullied Gay Couple Asked To Pay 120,000 Pound In UK

The pair sued the restaurant for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

A gay restaurant employee and his spouse have been awarded GBP 124835 in damages after suffering two years of homophobic harassment and taunts, including having his bosses refer to him as a "waitress," according to The Times.

"Tim Jeurninck and his husband Marco Scatena told an employment tribunal that they were "bullied for months on end" over their sexuality with "constant slurs" while working at an Italian restaurant in London. In one incident, when a restaurant director complained about a dirty glass, he said of homosexuals, "I thought you people knew how to clean better," according to the news outlet.

When Jeurninck objected, his employer informed him that the waiter might be assassinated because he was from a mafia family.

According to The Metro, the restaurant manager, Mr Scatena, who part-owned the business, was also sent "offensive" messages from his fellow directors, which contained threats of violence and unfounded accusations that he had been stealing from the till.

Following their resignations, the pair filed a lawsuit against the Italian restaurant Piatto in London for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The tribunal ruled in their favour, finding that there was "more than enough evidence" to establish that Mr. Scatena's gay orientation was the reason the directors had attempted to force him out of the company.

Mr. Jeurninck, a waiter, and Mr. Scatena received compensation awards of GBP 41,732 and GBP 83,102, respectively.

After being married in 2017, Mr. Scatena and Mr. Jeurninck started working at Piatto in January 2018. However, between June and September, the pair experienced homophobic "name-calling."