Argentina child disappears under train, survives

Buenos Aires: A young girl in Argentina had a lucky escape after being caught on the tracks as a train arrived at a Buenos Aires platform.

CCTV pictures released by the Buenos Aires trains company Friday showed a woman and a child walking down onto the tracks just moments before a train arrived at the Liniers train station on Tuesday.

The woman quickly jumped back onto the platform as she saw the approaching train but the child seemed to disappeared underneath the platform just before it arrived at the station.

Startled commuters quickly rushed to the scene.

According to the train company, the child managed to find cover in a little hole underneath the platform and was rescued after the station personnel cut off the power of the train and took her out from underneath the carriages.

While it was not immediately clear why the child walked down to the tracks, Buenos Aires Trains told the Associated Press that it is a frequent practice for people to walk out of the stations, stepping down from the platforms to the railways, to avoid paying the train ticket.

The company could not confirm if the woman who was with the child was arrested by the police, nor the identity of the woman.