2 Teens Hurt in Gun Incident at a US High School

2 Teens Hurt in Gun Incident at a US High School
Los Angeles: A gun in a student's backpack went off when he accidentally dropped the bag in his classroom at a Los Angeles high school on Tuesday. The bullet left two students, a boy and a girl wounded.

While the 15-year-old boy who was shot in the neck is said to be stable, the girl, who suffered a skull fracture and a significant blood clot, is said to be critical.

"The fact that they are both alive, certainly is something that is fortunate, it could have certainly been worse, we don't know of course what the outcome is going to be on both of them, we have a better idea about the boy than the girl right now," said Gail Anderson, a doctor at the Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where the students were being treated.

The unidentified 10th grader who brought the gun to school has been arrested with pending charges. The reason for bringing the gun to school has not been revealed.

The campus was locked down immediately.

"Scared, I was scared because I didn't, none of us expected this to happen today or any other day, but I guess it happened," said one student.