Kidnapped when she was four, she's searching for her parents

Thiruvananthapuram: Beena, 30, has two young daughters. In their home in a Bangladeshi resettlement colony in Thiruvananthapuram, they present a pretty family picture.  

But what Beena, who uses only her first name, is searching for is her biological parents.

30 years ago, she was on a beach nearby the Thiruvananthapuram airport when she was separated from her parents. A man kidnapped her, stole the gold jewellery she was wearing, and abandoned her.   

She was four.

She spent the next few years with three different foster families, before a Muslim couple based in Thiruvananthapuram adopted her.

"I had five sons and no daughters, so I registered her as my daughter after the police authorised me to do so... and I declared her my child before the mosque," says Tajuddin, the coolie or porter who brought up Beena.

Beena remembers only that her biological parents were Indira and Rajgopal and that they lived with her in Coimbatore. She doesn't recall her family name or whether she had siblings. She says her family used to call her Bindu.

Earlier this week, she travelled to Coimbatore to comb local records in the hope of finding some information about her family.  Her story was covered in a few newspapers. But so far, there has been no breakthrough. Back in the capital city of Kerala, the police hasn't come forward with any help either.

"We went to the police asking for our case records instead they gave a PSC eligibility paper saying that's the most that they can give. Ideally when we complained, they should have reopened the old file to see if my parents had filed any complaint," she says.

If you have any information that could help Beena, please contact her at 09895523896.

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