Nursing Student Made To Drink Toilet Cleaner Describes Her Ordeal

The Karnataka nurisng student is being treated at the Kozhikode Medical College in Kerala.


  • 'College didn't act on earlier incidents': Karnataka student tells NDTV
  • Kerala police has asked Karnataka to register a case against the accused
  • Doctors say she will need major surgery as her food pipe has been damaged
Kozikhode: A 19-year-old student allegedly forced by her seniors to drink a liquid used to clean toilets has said that her college in Karnataka is complicit in the extreme ragging because it did not punish earlier incidents.

The student, a Dalit, was admitted to a hospital in her home state of Kerala on May 15 with serious burns to her internal organs.

Speaking to NDTV over the phone, the victim said, " It's been more than 40 days since I attended the college but no one from there has called me even once."

The Kerala police has asked Karnataka to register a case against the student's seniors on charges that include attempt to murder. The victim's mother, says the college's officials refused to take any action against the offenders.

The victim joined a nursing college in Karnataka five months ago.

Last month, she was allegedly forced to drink a toilet cleaning lotion by eight of her seniors who are also from Kerala.

She was first hospitalized in Karnataka's Gulbarga district, where she was enrolled in college. When her condition worsened, she was moved to Kerala.

Doctors attending to her say her food pipe has been severely damaged and she will need major surgery.