Brand Days Special: Up to 70% Off on Exercise Bikes, Gym Equipment, Tents, And More From Amazon

Enjoy unbeatable discounts of up to 70% on a fantastic range of high-quality exercise gear and camping must-haves from Amazon during the Brand Days Special.

Brand Days Special: Up to 70% Off on Exercise Bikes, Gym Equipment, Tents, And More From Amazon

Hey there, welcome to the Brand Days Special - the ultimate bash for fitness fanatics and outdoor buffs! We've got mind-blowing discounts on Amazon Basics exercise gear and camping essentials that you absolutely can't pass up. Check out this handpicked collection of top-notch products that'll not only supercharge your fitness journey but also take your camping experience to a whole new level. 
So what are you waiting for? Dive in and snag these deals before they're gone! Time to amp up your fitness game and elevate your outdoor adventures!

Top Deals On Exercise Bikes, Gym Equipment And More At Up To 70%

1. Amazon Basics Exercise Ball, 5Kg

Discount: 46% | Price: ₹1,899 | M.R.P.: ₹3,500 | Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 
Meet your new workout buddy - the 5kg Amazon Basics Exercise Ball. It's your ticket to boosting both upper and lower-body strength while honing that core power, balance, and coordination. Crafted with sturdy rubber and a textured finish, this ball gives you a grip that's next-level awesome. Consider it your must-have fitness sidekick!

Key Features: 

  • 5 kg ball
  • Ideal for classic exercises
  • Develops core strength
  • Textured finish for superior grip
  • 1-year limited warranty

2. AmazonBasics 1.5-inch Exercise Rope for Strength Training, 30ft

Discount: 63% | Price: ₹2,589 | M.R.P.: ₹7,000 | Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars 
Meet your new workout BFF - the AmazonBasics Exercise Rope. This 1.5-inch thick rope, made of durable polyester blend, is here to level up your game. It's not just for show; it's perfect for hands, arms, shoulders, back, abs, core, and legs. And guess what? It's portable and ready for action - undulation, pulling, climbing - you name it!

Key Features: 

  • 1.5-inch thick rope
  • Durable polyester blend
  • Versatile for various exercises
  • Measures 30 feet long

3. Amazon Basics 13 Mm Thick NBR Yoga Mat, Yoga Belt, 2 Blocks & 2 Fast Drying Towels | 6 Piece Set

Discount: 62% | Price: ₹2,223 | M.R.P.: ₹5,800 | Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars 
The Amazon Basics 6-piece Yoga Mat Set is your one-stop-shop for zen. This kit includes an NBR yoga mat, a yoga belt, 2 blocks, and 2 fast-drying towels. Ideal for yoga and Pilates, it's all about comfort, support, and high-density blocks for that extra strength.

Key Features: 

  • 6-piece yoga set
  • NBR yoga mat
  • Yoga belt
  • 2 blocks
  • 2 fast-drying towels
  • High-density blocks

4. Amazon Basics Body Press Dip Bar | Silver

Discount: 48% | Price: ₹3,299 | M.R.P.: ₹6,400 | Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 
Ready to pump some iron at home? The Amazon Basics Dip Bar is your go-to for a wide range of exercises - push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises - you name it. Sturdy steel, slip-free grips, lightweight, and portable - it's the secret weapon for your strength training.

Key Features: 

  • Dip bar for various exercises
  • Made of steel
  • Slip-free grips
  • Supports up to 150kg

5. AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell | 20.5 Kgs

Discount: 69% | Price: ₹3,719 | M.R.P.: ₹12,000 | Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars 
The AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell is here to power up your strength workouts. Solid high-quality cast iron, a comfortable grip, and a painted surface for durability and corrosion protection - it's the heavy lifter you need.

Key Features: 

  • Solid cast iron kettlebell
  • Textured wide handle
  • Supports various exercises
  • Weighs 20.5 kg

6. Amazon Basics Vinyl 20 Pound Dumbbells | Set of 2, Grey Pounds

Discount: 42% | Price: ₹3,799 | M.R.P.: ₹6,500 | Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 
Time to flex those muscles! The Amazon Basics Vinyl Dumbbells, a dynamic duo of 20-pounders, are ready to roll. With a colourful vinyl coating for that strong, non-slip grip, these dumbbells are your partners for various workouts. Choose your weight, grab 'em, and let the gains begin!

Key Features: 

  • Set of 2 dumbbells 
  • 20 pounds each
  • Vinyl exterior coating, 
  • Non-slip grip

7. Amazon Basics 8 Person Family Tent

Discount: 46% | Price: ₹6,449 | M.R.P.: ₹12,000 | Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars 
Embark on memorable family adventures with the Amazon Basics 8 Person Family Tent. Durable and water-resistant, it features a coated polyester fabric and a welded 1000D-polyethylene tub-style floor. With a dome-style design, it accommodates up to 8 people and is perfect for 3-season camping.

Key Features: 

  • Water-resistant family tent
  • Dome-style
  • Accommodates 8 people
  • Welded 1000D-polyethylene floor

8. AmazonBasics Fusion Pro Spin Fitness Bike with Adjustable Cushioned Seat | 7 Kg Flywheel

Discount: 55% | Price: ₹8,999 | M.R.P.: ₹19,800 | Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars 
Revolutionise your fitness routine with the AmazonBasics Fusion Pro Spin Fitness Bike. Crafted from premium steel, it supports up to 100kg and features a 7kg flywheel for smooth momentum. The adjustable seat and LCD screen make it perfect for a personalised workout experience.

Key Features: 

  • Spin bike with 7kg flywheel
  • Premium steel construction
  • Adjustable seat, LCD screen

9. Amazon Basics Air Bike Exercise Cycle With Moving Or Stationary Handles (Multicolour)

Discount: 54% | Price: ₹7,599 | M.R.P.: ₹16,500 | Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars 
The Amazon Basics Air Bike Exercise Cycle is ready to move into your home and take your workout to the next level! With both moving and stationary handles, an adjustable cushioned seat, back support, and a twister - it's got everything for your fitness needs. Plus, it's sturdy and can handle up to 100kg, ensuring durability and safety. Time to get that full-body burn!

Key Features: 

  • Air bike exercise cycle
  • Moving or stationary handles
  • Adjustable seat
  • Back support
  • Twister, max user weight 100kg

10. AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set, Black

Discount: 50% | Price: ₹1,499 | M.R.P.: ₹3,000 | Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars 
The AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set is here to revolutionise your packing game. Made of high-quality fabric, these cubes are the secret sauce for efficient packing and easy access to your clothes, toiletries, and accessories. The mesh top panel? It's a game-changer, enhancing visibility and making your travels a breeze.

Key Features: 

  • 4-piece packing cube set
  • High-quality fabric
  • Mesh top panel
  • Efficient packing

Final Thoughts

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers! The Brand Days Special is calling your name, and you don't want to miss it. We've got amazing deals on Amazon Basics gear that are tailor-made for you. Whether it's a gym equipment upgrade or a camping gear revamp, we've got it all - from exercise balls to family tents. Quality, durability, and wallet-friendly prices - it's a win-win. But hey, these deals won't last forever, so don't hit snooze. Grab your favourites now and kick off a journey to a healthier, more adventurous lifestyle!