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This Article is From Jun 16, 2023

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2023 - Best Testosterone Vitamins

Here's everything you need to know about testosterone booster supplements available on the market currently.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2023 - Best Testosterone Vitamins

Testosterone boosters can improve workout productivity

If you are suffering from age-related health problems it is quite possible that your testosterone is low. Read this article to know about testosterone and about the five top-ranking best testosterone boosters for remedy.

As you age many hormonal changes occur in your body. One fine morning when you sit down retrospecting you find that you are no longer that agile young man of twenty.

Among the various hormones, testosterone is very vital for men. It is responsible for all the characteristics of men such as muscular body, massive body, strength & vigor, aggressiveness, hoarse voice, and many more.

But age slowly and gradually takes away much of this vital hormone from men. 

So if you find changes in your sexual behaviour, changes in physical as well as emotional health, etc, most likely that you have low levels of testosterone.

The good news is that it is possible to reverse the aging process by introducing testosterone hormone externally or by consuming a blend of potent natural ingredients which stimulates the body to release more testosterone naturally.

There are many risks of serious side effects of taking testosterone injection. The side effects include sleep apnea, cancerous tumor in the prostate, enhanced production of red blood cells, breast enlargement, clot formation in blood, aggravating existing prostate cancer, declining sperm production, etc.

In this backdrop, the best bet is to go for testosterone-boosting natural supplements which have no side effects.

Our review team has carried out intensive research with various popular brands of testosterone supplements and has selected the five best testosterone booster supplements for the convenience of the customers.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2022 

The narrowed-down the list of five best testosterone booster supplements and Pills to increase T-levels naturally are :

1. TestoPrime: Best Overall - Editor's Pick

2. Testogen: Best for Men over 50

3. Testo-Max ( CrazyBulk ): Best for Muscle Growth

4. Testodren: Best for Men Over 40

5. PrimeMale: Best for Boosting Libido

#1. TestoPrime - Best Testosterone Booster - Editor's Pick


Testo Prime aims at increasing levels of testosterone in middle-aged men
Photo Credit: Reckonsoft

→ Click Here to Visit the Official Website

TestoPrime T-boosting supplement has been selected as the top-ranking best testosterone boosting supplement on the market.

The manufacturer has designed the formula of the supplement with a targeted aim to increase the levels of testosterone in the middle to the old age group of people. 

Such people should think of using the supplement when they start feeling the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Declined sex drive
  • Muscle waste
  • Low rate of recovery
  • Muscle soreness
  • Many more

The manufacturer claims the following after consuming the supplement:

  • Enhanced energy levels while performing exercise or mental tasks
  • Reduction in extra weight and gain in lean mass
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Improvement in cognitive abilities
  • Improvement in mood
  • Enhanced sex drive

Our review team has weighed each and every claim of the manufacturer against solid proof based on clinical tests, customer feedback, expert opinion, approvals from world authorities like the FDA, the reputation of the company, and many more.

Testoprime supplement is manufactured in the USA and UK. The manufacturing facilities are approved by the FDA. The supplement is formulated using all-natural ingredients.

The supplement is safe to use without any side effects. Hence you do not need any prescription to buy the supplement.

The review team has inspected the procedures for sourcing the ingredients. The manufacturer gives the best care to see that the ingredients are sourced from the purest quality available in the market.

The blending of the tested ingredients is done using GMP practices.

After manufacturing, the products are passed through stringent quality control and safety tests before sending the products for delivery.

The list of ingredients are

- D-Aspartic Acid

- Panax Ginseng

Ashwagandha Extract

- Fenugreek

- Green Tea Catechins

- Pomegranate Extract with ellagic acid

- Vitamin D

- Zinc

- Vitamin B6

- Vitamin B5

- Garlic Extract

- Black Pepper Extract with piperine

After going through all the details the review team has found the following:

- The ingredients used are tested natural ingredients

- The selection of the ingredients is backed with clinical testing for hormonal balance

- Can be bought over the counter without the need for any prescription

- Transparency of the company regarding the ingredients and other procedures

- No additives, no fillers, no hidden ingredients

- Vegan formula, free from soy and non-GMO

- Very good feedback from the users

- No side effects

- Safe and legal

Buying options

The supplement is best bought at the official website


One container $59.99

two containers supply plus one container free for $119.99

Three containers plus three free $179.99

Use instruction

The tablets are best taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Else it is required to maintain a gap of 30 to 45 minutes between your breakfast and the consumption of the supplement.

The dose is four tablets per day.


Question: Why do you choose Testoprime as the best t-supplement?


1. The supplement is manufactured by a reputed company in the USA and UK.

2. The manufacturing facilities are FDA approved

3. A robust quality control mechanism exists in their manufacturing process which ensures the highest quality ingredients input as well as testing and quality checking before delivery.

4. The blend of potent natural ingredients is targeted to cure age-related problems of the middle to aged category of people suffering from low levels of testosterone.

5. Transparency in the list of ingredients with no fillers or additives or hidden ingredients.

6. Price reasonability

7. Attractive guarantee clause and various discounts for bulk purchases.

Question: what is the dose of the supplement?

Answer: you have to take just four capsules in the morning prior to breakfast every day.

Question: Which of the various packages should I purchase?

Answer: If you are still in two minds, buy a single bottle containing 120 capsules. However, the bulk purchase of three bottles with an additional three bottles for free would save you a lot of money. This also ensures that there is no break in the consumption of the supplement. Another good point in buying bulk offers is that the company has a guarantee clause by virtue of which you can get the full refund in case you find the supplement not satisfactory.

Question: Tell me about the safety aspects of the supplement TestoPrime.

Answer: The supplement is made from natural ingredients which are tested clinically. There is no side effect of the supplement and the supplement can be bought over the counter. Also, it is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, dye-free, and free from any additives as well as fillers.

Question: Who should buy the testosterone booster supplement TestoPrime?

Answer: The supplement can be used by anyone who is more than 18 years of age and is having low levels of testosterone. It is natural without any side effects and efficient in boosting your T-level.

Question: Do I have to produce a prescription for buying the supplement TestoPrime?

Answer: No. The supplement is safe and legal. It is not a steroid. It does not have any side effects.

Question: what precautions are to be taken when I have to take other prescription medicines?

Answer: the formula of the supplement does not contain anything which may interact with other medicines. But to be on the safe side you are advised to consult your doctor before starting the supplement. The official website gives all the details of the composition of the supplement.

→ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Testoprime

#2. Testogen: Best Testosterone Booster for Men over 50


Testogen is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market
Photo Credit: Reckonsoft

The second choice for the top-ranking testosterone booster supplement falls on Testogen.

The supplement is manufactured in the USA and UK. The manufacturing process is FDA-approved.

Now let us go through the claims of the company.

The company claims that the product already has a vast customer base of 109,036 spread over 134 countries. All the customers are satisfied. The company has been in the market since 2014.

The manufacturer of the testosterone booster supplement Testogen has pointed out the following symptoms as the signs of a low level of testosterone:

- Feeling of continuous tiredness and run-down condition in spite of proper diet and sleep.

- Doing day-to-day jobs becomes an uphill task

- Unable to perform workouts as before

- The workouts are no longer giving results and you are failing to build muscles 

- Increase in belly fat and weight and you find it hard to reduce them

- You lose interest in sex

- A feeling of depression and irritability sets in

The company also claims that by taking four capsules of the testosterone booster supplement in the morning every day it is possible to reverse the above conditions.

Also, they have another product called Liquid Testogen Instant Booster Drop, by consuming which you get an “on-the-go energy kick “.

The results can be felt within two weeks and you will find remarkable improvements in energy, vitality, and cognitive behavior.

Now let us see how far the testosterone booster supplement Testogen stands against their claims, in front of our in-depth inquiry and research. Our findings are given below:

1. The supplement manufacturer is a reputed one and the product is manufactured in the USA. The manufacturing facilities are FDA approved and GMP certified.

2. We have checked with our medical team who has confirmed the symptoms of low levels of testosterone. Our findings are that the symptoms indicated by the company for declined levels of testosterone are true.

3. The ingredients included in the formula of the supplement have potent effects in increasing the body's testosterone production naturally. The blending of the ingredients is based on the scientific formulation to enhance testosterone production.

4. All the ingredients mentioned on their website are collected from natural sources and do not have any side effects.

5. Clinical tests have confirmed the ability of the ingredients in raising the levels of testosterone.

6. The popularity of the supplement continues to climb an upward curve though the product has been on the market since 2014 with many satisfied customers.

7. Feedback from the users of the supplement shows that they are quite happy with the product and are willing to continue consuming the supplement. 

8. Prices of the supplement are reasonable and the company provides discounts for bulk purchases.

9. The company also provides a guarantee clause for the users who may not be satisfied with the supplement by refunding the buying cost.

10. The users also confirmed that by using Oral TestogenBooster Instant Drops along with the Testogen capsules they have achieved faster results.

About the ingredients of the supplement Testogen

The supplement is made from eleven potent natural ingredients. The quality control system in-built into the manufacturing process confirms the quality and freshness of each ingredient.

● D-Aspartic Acid

● Fenugreek Extract

● Zinc

● Vitamin D3

● Korean Red Ginseng Extract

● Boron

● Nettle Leaf extract

● Magnesium

● Vitamin B6

● Vitamin K1

● Bioperine & Piperine

Other ingredients include Hypromellose, maltodextrin, silica, magnesium stearate

Ingredients in Liquid Testogen Instant Booster Drop

● Epimedium sagittatum

● Pfaffia Paniculata

● Vitamin D

● Korean Ginseng Root

● Moringa Oleifera

● Zinc

● L-Arginine

How Testogen works on your body in order to release more testosterone

The supplement Testogen which is primarily meant to increase the levels of testosterone in your body works by stimulating the body system to release more testosterone.

The established biological pathway through which the supplement works is called the LH pathway.

The scientifically blended ingredients work in combination and trigger the body's natural process of releasing Luteinizing Hormone. The Luteinizing Hormone then signals the Leydig Cells located in the testes. The Leydig Cells in turn produce the testosterone hormone.

The good thing with the supplement is that it does not interfere with the HPTA and the male reproductive system because the supplement does not contain any harmful chemicals. The all-natural ingredients of the supplement only help in promoting the testosterone production system of the body without having a stint of negative effects on the reproductive system of the users.

With the enhanced testosterone level you will feel energetic, able to build muscles, have faster recovery, and improved sexual drive and satisfaction. You will also have a brighter chance of conceiving a baby.

For the people who do not have the patience to wait a few weeks for getting the results, the company has provided a Testogen Liquid Instant Testosterone Booster Drop. The normalTestogensupplement has to be passed through your metabolism by the liver and hence takes a slightly longer time to show desired results.

The Liquid Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster drop is a fast-acting formula that when taken along with the Testogencapsules works synergically with the Testogen capsules and quickly enhances the levels of testosterone. So you get faster results. 

Buying Options

You have to buy the supplement Testogen at the official website of the product


Three-month supply plus two months supply free $179.99

Two-month supply plus one month supply free $119.99

One month supply $59.99

Combo offers

Three-month supply plus two months free plus testo-drop for five-month $284.96

Two-month supply plus one month free plus three-month testo-drop $189.97

One month supply plus one month supply of testo-drop $89.99

→ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Testogen

#3. Testo-Max (Crazy Bulk): Best for Muscle Growth


Testo-max is a testosterone booster manufactured by Crazy Bulk
Photo Credit: Reckonsoft

Testo-Max manufactured by the reputed company Crazy Bulk is the third choice for the best top-ranking testosterone booster supplements. 

Here we list the claims which are highlighted on their website:

- Gain in muscle to its extremities

- Heightened strength

- Increased stamina

- A quicker rate of recovery

- Can achieve bulking as well as cutting

- One of the best muscle-building supplements on the market

The claim of the company includes pumping your testosterone level all naturally without the need of injecting testosterone from external sources causing many side effects.

The supplement is safe and legal and no steroids are used in it.

The formula is based on the inclusion of various testosterone-boosting ingredients like D-aspartic acid, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, and minerals. 

This mix of natural ingredients works similarly to the steroid Sustanon and increases the levels of testosterone naturally.

By enhancing the testosterone levels the supplement is able to lead you to magnificent gains in muscle mass, strength, performance as well as energy levels.

The core player in the functioning of the best testosterone booster supplement Testo-Max of Crazy Bulk.

The company gives significant emphasis on the ingredient D-Aspartic Acid. It is an amino acid that when consumed leads to the formation of luteinizing hormone which is the main hormone that signals the production of testosterone.

The testosterone booster supplement Testo Max contains a massive amount of this very important amino acid to the extent of 2352 mg. 

The supplement also has many other potent natural ingredients which work in combination with D-aspartic Acid to stimulate the body to produce more and more testosterone.

The combination works similar to the steroid Sustanon giving you explosive strength, incredible growth in muscle size, training like an insane man, and a recovery rate that can only be termed as ultra-rapid.

Ingredients are sourced from natural herbal gardens and extreme care is taken to see that all the ingredients are fresh and tested against stringent norms set by the manufacturer CrazyBulk.

These ingredients are listed below

● D-aspartic Acid

● Cholecalciferol ( vitamin D3 )

● Phytonadione ( vitamin K1 )

● Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate ( vitamin B6 )

● Magnesium Oxide & Magnesium Citrate ( Magnesium )

● Zinc Citrate Dihydrate ( Zinc )

● Nettle Leaf Extract ( Urtica Dioica )

● Fenugreek Extract ( Trigonella foenumgraecum seeds )

● Ginseng Red Powder ( Panax Ginseng Root )

● Boron Citrate ( Boron )

● Bioperine 95% Piperine

● Gelatin

● Maltodextrin

● Microcrystalline Cellulose

● Silica

● Magnesium stearate

Use Instruction

Dose: four capsules a day 

The dose is for adult males. The capsules are to be taken twenty minutes before breakfast daily. The doses are to be taken daily irrespective of workout or non-workout days.

It is recommended by the company to follow a workout schedule of two months of workouts followed by one and a half weeks of rest.

Price of a single bottle of Testo-Max ( CrazyBulk ) 


The review committee has deliberated on each claim of the company and has found all the claims to be in order. 

Considering other aspects of the product which include the reputation of the manufacturer, feedback from the actual users, opinion of the experts in the field of testosterone booster supplements, etc the committee has included the product in their third-best top-ranking testosterone booster supplement.


Question: how can the CrazyBulk Product Testo-Max be claimed to be a nonsteroid legal supplement?

Answer: The CrazyBulk Product Testo-Max is an alternative to the steroid Sustanon having all the beneficial effects of the steroid. But it is a legal and natural alternative to it. The company achieves similar results by using rare and powerful natural ingredients which are harmless and safe.

Question: Does it need a prescription for buying the product Testo-Max online?

Answer: No the product is composed of natural ingredients which are clinically established to be safe and hence do not require a prescription for buying.

Question: What is the response time of the CrazyBulkproduct Testo-Max?

Answer: The ideal condition for the use of the testosterone booster supplement Testo Max of Crazy Bulk is together with a proper healthy diet and a dedicated exercise regime. In such cases, the users are likely to get the results within 2 to 3 weeks. It is also true that the results depend on many other factors such as the metabolism of the user, any medical condition, regularity, etc. However, allowing a time of four weeks will be fair for getting results on average.

Question: What if I stop the consumption of the supplement TestoMax?

Answer: Once you get the results after consuming the supplement for a pretty long time stopping the supplement will not eliminate the results. However, you must continue with your dietary and training regimes to maintain the results which you gained.

Question: Do you have any refund plan in case I find the supplement useless for me?

Answer: In case you are not satisfied with the supplement you are free to get a refund on returning the unused container within 14 days of the date of order.

→ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Testo-Max

#4. Testodren


Testodren is the 4th best top-ranking testosterone booster
Photo Credit: Reckonsoft

The fourth best top-ranking testosterone booster supplement is Testodren. The supplement is manufactured by PrimeGENIX which is a reputed manufacturer of fitness supplements. 

The company has two products on its credit, both of which aim to enhance the levels of testosterone. By doing so naturally, the supplement helps in getting increased levels of energy and stamina together with a massive muscle size as well as an enigmatic performance.

Considering the fact that all men start losing their levels of testosterone from the age of 30, the supplement Testodrensupplement is primarily aimed to help the males of middle age to elderly people.

By consuming the testosterone booster supplement Testodrensupplement, the users can enhance their levels of testosterone by 72.87% as per the studies.

The best testosterone booster supplement Testodren is composed of only one unique ingredient. With this, the supplement claims to improve your overall physique including heightened stamina, strength, increased libido, and skyrocketing levels of energy.

The manufacturing facility of the company Prime GENIX is FDA approved and GMP certified. This confirms that the ingredients are sourced from natural and tested gardens without any adverse side effects.

The formula of the supplement is patented in the USA making it completely trustworthy and safe.

The manufacturer of the Testodren testosterone booster supplement aims at improving your levels of testosterone as a long-term solution to your problem.

Therefore it does not aim to quick fix the problem like other supplements which claim instant results. It tries to rectify the system slowly and gradually so that it becomes a part of your natural process.

Being slow and gradual allows the system of your body to incorporate the changes permanently and safely without causing any side effects.

Enhancing your overall health also improves your physical as well as sexual health.

The supplement achieves this incredible feat by including an ingredient which is named Furosap.

Furosap is a proprietary ingredient made from natural resources. It is made from the extracts of the seeds of Fenugreek. The extract then is enriched by treating it with 20% Protodioscin.

Fenugreek is a well-known medicine both in the circles of older as well as newer schools of medicine.

The fenugreek seed extract is used in many ailments like regulating the levels of blood sugar, reducing inflammation, increasing libido, and even treating the symptoms during menstruation in women.

The Fenugreek Extract has an established effect on testosterone level enhancement.

Testdren supplements contain 500 mg of the patented product Furosap which is the scientifically formulated dose tested through clinical tests.

The supplement is free from soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar, or any other fillers and additives.

Studies have confirmed that Furosap can enhance testosterone levels by more than 72% in men over the age of 40 years. It also helps in increasing the sperm count in men.

Doses: only a single capsule daily is all for getting a fantastic result.

Beneficial effects of consuming Testodren daily

- You will find an enhanced energy level daily when you wake up, no jittery feeling, no fatigue

- You will have improved performance in the gym with increased focus, energy, extra push, and longer training.

- Remarkable increase in lean muscle mass which grows at a faster rate

- Reduced-fat especially in the tummy without the need for hard-hitting dieting

- Sharpened focus

- Higher levels of motivation and drive

- Enhanced sex performance


A single bottle of Testodren is $59.95

Three bottles of testodren package $119.95

Six bottle package $199.95


Question: Does the testosterone booster supplement named Testodren have any side effects?

Answer: We have gone through all the available clinical studies as well as the feedback from the users of Testodren. We did not find any instances of any side effects after consuming the supplement.

The first reason for this is the formula's reliance on natural ingredients which are clinically tested to be safe for use. The second reason can be attributed to the company's policy of going slow and developing the body's own system of producing testosterone naturally. 

The formula does not attempt to fix the issue quickly in order to charm the users. The principle of slow and gradual assimilation to the body is also a vital reason why the supplement does not produce any side effects.

Question: For whom the testosterone supplement named Testodren is meant?

Answer: The primary target of the testosterone booster supplement is people aged 40 years and above. 

Studies have shown that people below the age of 30 years can produce sufficient levels of testosterone naturally without any external support, unless, of course, the same people do not have any medical issues. 

But as you age you feel problems such as lethargy, fatigue, unable to grow muscles, muscle wastages, declined sex drive, low recovery, etc. 

At such a juncture of your life which is inevitable and natural, you will need Testodren supplement to restore your old vitality. The younger males do not need testosterone enhancement as nature takes care of it. But in case you consider taking the supplement please consult your doctor before starting the supplement.

Question: What are the doses and taking instructions?

Answer: The primary point to be understood before starting the supplement is that the supplement gives you the best results when you consume the supplement along with a healthy diet and proper exercise regimes. It is also advised to consult your doctor prior to planning the new regime which will surely affect your hormonal levels.

The next point to consider is that the supplement works slowly and safely on your system. Hence do not expect results instantly. It will take 8 to 12 weeks to show substantial results. So have patience.

The dose of the supplement is a single capsule of 500 mg. Take the capsule daily with breakfast. You have to swallow the capsule with a glass of water.

Question: where may I buy the supplement named Testodren?

Answer: You can buy the supplement at the official website of the company. On the website, you will be able to find various packages with discounted offers for bulk purchases.

The company also offers an attractive refund policy. The company has a 67-day 100% refund policy for those customers who find the supplement not useful for them. Such users have to return the unused bottles after using the supplement for 60 days.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website

#5. Prime Male - Testosterone Booster for Increased Libido


Prime Male is the fourth-best testosterone booster 
Photo Credit: Reckonsoft

Prime Male is our fourth choice in the world of Best Testosterone Booster Supplement. It is a very popular top ranking the best testosterone booster supplement recognized by our expert review team.

The supplement Prime Male is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer named Roar Ambition. Roar Ambition is a multinational firm manufacturing health products. The firm is also in the research of health and fitness products based on natural ingredients.

The company has a pioneering role in formulating many health supplements made from natural ingredients formulated based on advanced scientific research.

The testosterone booster supplement Prime Male contains 12 natural ingredients. The ingredients are natural herbal products, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

All the ingredients are clinically tested and have no side effects. Studies have also confirmed that the ingredients work efficiently in combination boosting the production of the vital hormone testosterone.

The beneficial effects of consuming the supplement regularly, as claimed by the manufacturer, are

- Enhancing the levels of testosterone like OTC ed pills

- Increasing libido

High sex drive and satisfaction levels

- Blocking the levels of estrogen

By consuming the supplement as per instructions provided along with the package, the users will find the results within two weeks. It is expected that the users of the supplement will continue with their healthy dietary and exercise regimes.

The users will have to take the supplement four times daily after meals. The users are advised to set the routine of taking the medicine as below: Morning 8 AM, Mid-day, 2 PM, and 5 PM.

A few users may feel symptoms such as headaches and stomach upsets. The users who have some medical issues should consult their doctor prior to starting the supplement.

The ingredients are 

● D-aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

● Bioperine

● Boron

● Korean Red Ginseng

● Luteolin

● Magnesium

● Mucuna pluliens extract

● Nettle root

● Vitamin B6

● Vitamin D3

● Vitamin K2

● Zinc

Buying Instructions

The customers should buy the supplement from the official website of the company.


Bulk Purchase Package of six-month supply $276.00

Three-month supply $138.00

One month supply $69.00

How The Testosterone Booster Supplement Prime Male works 

The supplement works on the three known hormones called LH ( Luteinizing Hormone, SHBG ( Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ), and the two female hormones named estrogen & prolactin.

- Luteinizing Hormone

Scientific research has confirmed the relation between the LH and the production of testosterone. By stimulating the hypothalamus of the brain it is possible to release more LH. The increased levels of LH, in turn, increase the production of testosterone. The natural amino acid, included in the supplement, does the work of signaling the brain to release LH.

Zinc is the other mineral included in the supplement which is a known testosterone booster. Zinc triggers the pituitary gland and helps in releasing more LH.

- Sex Hormone Binding Hormone

Another finding of medical science says that a fair amount of testosterone binds with SHBG which renders the testosterone inactive and useless. 

Nettle Root included in the supplement binds with SHBG, thus freeing the vital male hormone to work freely. Another mineral magnesium supplement helps in reducing the amount of SHBG. Boron which is also in the formula of the supplement helps in decreasing the levels of SHBG. The combined effects of all the ingredients boost the levels of testosterone.

- Estrogen & Prolactin

Estrogen and Prolactin are specifically female hormones. But small amounts of these female hormones are found in males also. If the levels are too much it may have a lowering effect on the testosterone levels in males.

The Boron of the supplement does the job of controlling the estrogen levels in males. Studies have found that by consuming Boron the estrogen levels of the participants had declined by 39% in just one week.

The Luteolin in the supplement also plays a role in reducing estrogen levels and increasing the levels of testosterone.

→ Click Here to Visit the Official Website

Natural Ways To Elevate Your Testosterone Levels

As we age beyond 30 years our testosterone levels decline at the rate of 1% every year. This slow and gradual decline of the testosterone level starts showing its effect after 40.

The symptoms of low testosterone manifest in reduced energy level decreased libido, fatigue, gain in weight, increase in belly fat, and many more.

Diet Control

Control your diet so that you do not get overweight. Testosterone and being overweight make a vicious circle. While low testosterone increases weight, overweight interferes with the production of testosterone. 

Tackle your hunger cravings by taking salads and fruits. Reduce or stop taking carbohydrates. Studies have found a sharp drop in the levels of testosterone after meals rich in carbs. You can use the Best weight loss pills on the market for an extra boost.


Insist on aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise helps to increase testosterone levels.

Fruits and vegetables

Some foods like pomegranate juice increase testosterone by 24%. Fruits, and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc help in lowering estrogen.

Keep away from plastic containers

Do not drink or eat anything which is packed in cans or in plastic containers. Plastics made with BPA ( Bisphenol A ) is an endocrine disruptors. Abnormalities in the endocrine interfere with testosterone and other hormonal releases.

Moderate or no drinking

Keep away from drinking as excess drinking stops the production of testosterone. A controlled study among middle-aged men has shown that by drinking beer continuously for three weeks the plasma testosterone drops by 6.8%.


Get a reassuring deep sleep. Many studies have confirmed that a great amount of testosterone is released during sleep and more so one hour after midnight.

Morning sex

In the morning you have a surge in testosterone levels. German scientists have also found that erection significantly raises the circulating testosterone levels. So morning sex can be an answer along with a fun-filled start to the day.

Spend in sun

Spend at least 20 minutes under the sun. Sunshine gives you enough vitamin D which is related to the increase in your testosterone level. Vitamin D receptors have been located in the male reproductive tissues.

Take the Best Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements

You can also decide to take some efficient and popular top-notched testosterone booster supplements which will help you to release more testosterone naturally without any side effects.

It is better to avoid testosterone therapy unless there are some medical impairments because testosterone therapy is associated with many side effects.

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