Opinion: Fali Nariman Was A Stalwart Who Wanted Justice For Last Man In Queue

The void created by the passing of Fali Sam Nariman cannot be filled in the times to come. We have lost a legal luminary, a stalwart. One of India's most distinguished Constitutional lawyers, he argued several cases that are milestones in our nation's Constitutional journey. Among them is the striking down of the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act in 2015.

In the course of his illustrious career, Mr Nariman remained committed to upholding the rule of law and made every possible effort to ensure justice for the last man in the queue.

I have been inspired by Mr Nariman ever since I entered the legal profession back in 1982. I was fortunate to have witnessed his arguments in Rajasthan High Court when I practised as a lawyer there. It was an immense learning experience. One of the key cases in which he appeared was the challenge to the validity of Section 25-O of the Industrial Disputes Act. He had argued that case along with a battery of lawyers before a three-judge bench at Rajasthan High Court.

Following my elevation as a judge in Rajasthan High Court, he argued many important cases before me as a counsel on constitutional issues.

After I became a Supreme Court judge, I was fortunate to see him argue many cases before benches that I was part of.

Outside the courtroom, he hand-held me in matters relating to many spheres of my life. Following my retirement as a Supreme Court judge last year, I had visited his home at Delhi's Hauz Khas and received his blessings and guidance for the life ahead.

Justice Ajay Rastogi is a retired Supreme Court judge

Disclaimer: These are personal opinions of the author