Despite Drowning State, Mamata Signals "Don't Send Help"

Published: July 07, 2017 15:40 IST
"Mamata says no to extra central troops" - the only reason is that she wants to help the rioters to burn and loot without any hindrance.

There was a time when Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Bengal, Mamata didi took him to her house, a small, barrack-like simple home, where Vajpayee touched the feet of her mother and sought her blessings. Later, in Delhi, she released my book on Communist Terrorism in the presence of the current RSS Chief, Dr Mohan Bhagwat, and George Fernandes eulogising my work as true patriotism that exposes the barbaric face of the communists.

Ironically, today she has become the symbol of the worst social strife, mis-governance and chaotic polity in a Bengal once known for revolutionaries, enlightened patriotic saints, nationalist scientists social reformers, and Hindu-Muslim togetherness in the Syama-Huq govt in 1941-42.

Mamata's Bengal has become an inferno of that cultural legacy and a hell for the enlightened Bengali who always believed in dialogue and coexistence. With no industry, no entrepreneurship, no push to excellence in academics, it is now a collage of attacks on police, the burning and looting of the houses of Hindus, mullahs demanding custody of a 17-year-old boy whose Facebook comment infuriated them and they wanted sharia justice for him - hanging - with the state machinery not just looking the other side, but stopping all central assistance and unleashing a tirade against the Governor, who simply asked her about the law and order situation.

Like an empress asking her courtiers in a famine "how can people say they are dying of hunger", she asks, "How Can Anyone Say Hindus In Bengal Are In Distress?"

She is telling the truth. The fact is Hindus in Bengal have gone beyond the level of distress. Poor Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi, a poet and a former speaker spoke too timidly to a Chief Minister allowing crowds to burn and loot. It's such anarchy that it's apt to describe the situation as a constitutional crisis.

The two villains of the Basirhat riots - Trinamool MPs Idris Ali and Ahmed Hassan Imran - have an interesting history - read this and this.

Idris Ali was ousted from Congress for his involvement in riots and respectfully given a Lok Sabha seat by Mamata-ji.

Both of them were involved in Basirhat-Baduria violence. It soon spread to nearby areas.

Hindus do have a cultural and religious grandeur and one of its best expressions is in the form of Jagannath Yatra. This was attacked in Basirhat on July 3 by a Muslim crowd and later the Rapid Action Force personnel, BSF and Police personnel were assaulted. Secular media ignored it because it was the Jagannath Yatra.

On July 5, BJP worker Kartik Ghosh was attacked by a slogan-shouting Muslim crowd - he  was left alone on a deserted road seeking help - police waited three and a half hours to take him to hospital and he was soon dead. His body was seized by Trinamool Congress workers, his sons were forced by police to cremate him in Kolkata's Neem Talla crematorium and were not allowed to take his body to his home in Basirhat.

The person, who tried to help Hindus, Tapan Ghosh of Hindu Samhati is a crusader for the human rights of the persecuted and terrified Hindus. He tried his best but in front of an oppressive state apparatus, what could have been done? He is an eyesore to the seculars. He is branded communal.

Here is a secular order of the media and the state machinery that hands over the dead bodies of the terrorists to their families, allows huge crowds at their funerals and demands stopping use of certain kind of bullets and guns against the violent mobs of the valley who attack our soldiers. But if it pertains to the mis-governance of a "secular government", all such "sensitivities and humane values" are forgotten.

Trinamool would like the present situation to be presented as a Hindu-Muslim issue. It is not. It's only a matter of a failed state apparatus and assault by criminals with active help from across the border groups with state protection.

(Tarun Vijay is a BJP leader and former MP from Uttarakhand.)

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