Zomato Delivery Man's "Secret Weed" Message Triggers Hilarious Responses

The customers roommate shared the unusual conversation on social media, leaving users thoroughly amused.

Zomato Delivery Man's 'Secret Weed' Message Triggers Hilarious Responses

Food delivery services have become such an important part of our lives that it is really hard to imagine one without them. Much of the credit for it goes to delivery employees who work diligently and brave extreme weather conditions to fulfill a customer's order on time. However, one delivery person went one step further and asked a customer if she wanted something extra, beyond her order like ''secret ganja.''

The customer's roommate shared the unusual conversation on social media, leaving users amused. 

Sharing the image, Sakshi Jain wrote, ''So my roommate had placed an order from @zomato last night, and this is what the delivery guy texted her.'' She also attached a screenshot of the message that read, ''I am on my way to deliver your order. Kuch chahiye aap ko. Secret Ganja (Weed), etc.'' 

See the tweet here:

The tweet has gone viral, triggering a barrage of hilarious reactions, with some people wishing they had such a caring delivery person too.

One user played on the word 'ganja' and wrote, ''Plot twist - he is from kesh Kanti and he's asking if you're secret ganja ( bald ) and need some hair oil."

Another joked, ''Itna caring bnda (Such a caring guy)''. 

A third said, ''Aise delivery Wale sabko mile (May everyone get such a delivery guy)''. A fourth added, ''Order at 2 AM midnight... you too might get such an inquiry.'' Another said, ''haha.. Thats why Zomato's share prices are increasing this much.''

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