This Article is From Feb 27, 2018

Woman's Mirror Selfie Is A Viral Optical Illusion. Do You See It?

Hint: It's related to her clothes

Woman's Mirror Selfie Is A Viral Optical Illusion. Do You See It?

The post was retweeted nearly 7,000 times and had 41,000 favourites

On Sunday, Marisol Villanueva from Spain posted an innocent mirror selfie on Twitter. All she wanted to show was how she paired two clashing patterns - vertical and horizontal stripes. But Twitter couldn't help but notice something strange happening in the photos. It wasn't her clothes.

The woman wore a horizontal-striped oversized sweater with black track pants that had a vertical pinstripe running down the middle. Twitter ignored her clothes and promptly pointed out the photos made her legs appear really skinny, like really.

Can you see it?
The pinstripe on the pants made her perfectly normal legs look like something that belonged to a cartoon character.

Twitter immediately noticed the optical illusion. Some even expressed concern about her health
Her legs are just fine, she clarified with this hilarious tweet.

Here's the explanation behind the bizarre appearance
Go ahead and open both the photos to see how your mind was playing tricks with you.

The optical illusion went viral and transcended through online platforms and even countries. In two days, the post was retweeted 6,900 times and collected 41,000 favourites.

It also became a source of many memes which Ms Villanueva posted on her Twitter
The internet really loves optical illusion. Earlier in February, an optical illusion featuring two identical pictures went viral. People on the Internet were driven crazy by the fact that the two identical pictures appeared different when placed side by side.Click for more trending news