Woman Flies To Bengaluru For Rs 3,500, Uber Ride To Her Home Costs Rs 2000

Many people suggested that she should take a BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus instead of a cab to reach home.

Woman Flies To Bengaluru For Rs 3,500, Uber Ride To Her Home Costs Rs 2000

"That's banglore for you," commented a person.

Bengaluru is infamous for its traffic and hours-long traffic jams. People keep sharing about the traffic nightmare and less availability of public transport. Due to this, many people take private cabs and are dependent on cab aggregators like Ola and Uber. A woman recently took to social media to share her experience of booking a cab from Bengaluru airport to the city. The user, Manasvi Sharma, shared that she took a flight from Pune to Bengaluru for just Rs 3,500. However, travelling from Bengaluru Airport to the city cost her around Rs 2,000. 

She shared a screenshot of Uber charging nearly Rs 2,000 to  Rs 2,700 for different types of cabs for a trip from Kempegowda International Airport to the city. "I booked flight for 3.5k from Pune to Bangalore. And then, a cab for 2k from Bangalore airport to my home," Ms Sharma wrote in the caption on X (formerly Twitter).

Since being shared, her post has amassed a lot of reactions on social media.

"And the worst part is, Uber Go drivers won't even turn on the AC. They will say only Premier will have AC. Like kuch bhi," said a user.

Another wrote, "the audacity to write affordable here"

"I went to Ahmedabad last month and the uber price from railway station to the airport was just Rs. 192!! The prices there are 'competitive and lucrative" in truest sense', commented a person.

"So, what? It takes less time to reach from Pune Airport to Bengaluru Airport than Bengaluru Airport to Bengaluru City," commented a person.

A user said, "Time to bring horses back."

"That's banglore for you," commented another person.

"Commute to and from Bangalore airport to the city is one of the worst commutes I have ever taken in my life! It takes a lifetime to get around," remarked a user.

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