Why This Woman Wore The Same Black Dress For A 100 Days Straight

Sarah Robbins-Cole wore the same black dress for over three months

Why This Woman Wore The Same Black Dress For A 100 Days Straight

Sarah Robbins-Cole in her Rowena Swing Dress.

A 52-year-old from Boston, US, has got the Internet talking by taking up a unique challenge - wearing the same dress for a 100 days straight. Sarah Robbins-Cole joined the 100 Day Dress Challenge in September last year and wore the same black merino wool dress every day for over three months in a bid to live without fast fashion and simplify her life, reports The Mirror.

Sarah wore her Rowena swing dress to work. She wore it to church, she wore it while walking and she even wore it on Christmas. Along the way, she dressed it up or down as needed with the help of colourful jackets, scarves and skirts. For a 100 days, she documented her style files on Instagram and spoke about why she took up the challenge.  

"Wearing just one dress for 100 days is a valuable lesson in how little we (I!) need," she explains on Instagram.

"In the 19th century modest farmhouse house I grew up in in Vermont, the closets were tiny - the original inhabitants would never have imagined how inexpensive clothes would become from as far away as China and the amount of clothes most people in the United States would buy, own, launder and dispose of within a year or two."

Sarah is not the only woman to have taken up the 100 Day Dress Challenge, which was thrown open by wool& - an American brand "founded on three principles: live simply, consume carefully, and do good."

"We created the Rowena Swing Dress, as well as the 100 Day Challenge to encapsulate all three principles. We sent dresses to the first 50 people who volunteered to wear our dress for the duration of the challenge," wool& explains on its website.

The challenge was designed to be an "exaggerated experiment of what conscious, slow fashion can look like." Of the 50 people who took it up, 13 completed it. 

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