Watch: Woman Cop Cleans Clogged Drain With Hand To Clear Waterlogging In Hyderabad

The woman cop was seen pulling plastic waste and garbage out of the clogged drain outlet with her hands.

Watch: Woman Cop Cleans Clogged Drain With Hand To Clear Waterlogging In Hyderabad

The Hyderabad Traffic Police shared this video on social media.

The police play a crucial role in India, as they are responsible for maintaining law and order, ensuring public safety, and upholding justice. Their significance in Indian society is undeniable, and they play pivotal roles in various essential domains. Numerous occasions in the past demonstrate how police officers have gone the extra mile in their commitment to serve the general public.

A recent incident in Hyderabad serves as a testament to such dedication. Ms. Dhana Laxmi, a woman police officer, exemplified this dedication when she used her own hands to clear a blocked drain near the Tolichowki flyover in the south-west zone of Hyderabad. This act of selflessness was prompted by the fact that the blocked drain was causing flooding in the area and causing inconvenience to commuters.

A video capturing this incident was shared by the Hyderabad Traffic Police on September 5, touching the hearts of numerous social media users.

"Smt D Dhana Laxmi, ACP Tr South West Zone, cleared the waterlogging by removing the clog at drain water near Tolichowki flyover," the Hyderabad Traffic Police wrote in the caption.

Watch the video here:

The video has attracted substantial attention, accumulating over 250,000 views. Additionally, it has received nearly 4,000 likes and numerous comments from individuals sharing their thoughts and sentiments about the video.

"Whatever the traffic police have done, it has been to clear the water logs and the traffic," commented a user.

"Great work! But there should be advanced planning to avoid these situations," wrote another.

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