Watch: No Gulab Jamuns Allowed On Board, Indian Man Lets Thai Airport Staff Feast On Them

When he was stopped from bringing gulab jamuns into Phuket airport, this man made the choice to distribute them.

The video shows airport workers enjoying gulab jamuns.

At every airport, you will frequently see people taking things out of their bags. Air travellers occasionally have to remove portions of their luggage because it is overweight or contains items that are prohibited on board. There are instances where portions of the luggage cannot move forward despite extreme caution. One such incident occurred with Mr Himanshu Devgan, an Indian passenger, who was carrying a tin of gulab jamuns when Phuket airport officials in Thailand told him he wasn't allowed to bring them in his luggage. But Mr. Devgan chose to take a different course of action rather than dump it or surrender it at the airport.

Everyone at the Phuket airport was amused by what he did next, and this adorable scene was captured on camera. The sweets were presented by Mr. Devgan to the security check officials. The footage shows the airport staff enjoying the gulab jamuns.

"When they restricted us to carry gulab jamuns at the security check, we decided to share our happiness with them. Phuket airport," says a text insert on the video. 

"Great start to the day!" he captioned the video. He also used the hashtags # PhuketAirport and # WeAreIndians.

The Instagram video, which was posted on September 24, has more than 1100000 views and over 61000 likes so far. Internet users praised the man's and the airport staff's kind gestures.

Calling the gesture sweet, one Instagram user commented, "Sweet punishment for not letting Gulab Jamun in." "This is beautiful," said another. One person who believed that this smart move saved the tasty food item from getting into waste shared, "Best use instead of turning into waste."

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