Watch: Man Uses Drone To Deliver Toilet Roll To Sister

"I sent it for a laugh and thought it was funny to send it over that way."

With countries across the world imposing lockdowns and citizens self-isolating to contain the spread of coronavirus, people are coming up with more and more creative ways to avoid direct human contact. One such person is Pete Farmer from Northamptonshire, UK, who used a drone to deliver a roll of toilet paper to his sister recently. 

According to Yahoo News, Mr Farmer lives only two streets away from his sister and sent the roll over to her via a drone as a joke. The 48-year-old, who works for Morrisons distribution centre, said that he used his drone to deliver toilet paper to his sister "for a laugh". 

A video he shared shows the drone flying away to its destination with the toilet paper roll attached to it. The video comes amid reports of panic buying as people in different countries, including UK, Australia and USA, began stock-piling toilet paper, leaving supermarket shelves empty. 

"There is no shortage of toilet rolls or food, the warehouse is full and we are working long hours sending out supplies to the stores 24/7," said Mr Farmer. "There really is no need to panic buy, stock is plentiful."

He explained that his sister asked for a toilet roll after his night shift and he sent it via a drone. "I sent it for a laugh and thought it was funny to send it over that way."

This is not the first time drones have come in handy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Recently, a man in Brooklyn sent over a message to a woman on a neighbouring rooftop using his drone. 

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