This Article is From Apr 17, 2020

Watch: Four Tigers Take Over A Road In Madhya Pradesh Forest

Four tigers in this "great family affair".

Watch: Four Tigers Take Over A Road In Madhya Pradesh Forest

Four tigers were spotted on a road in Satpura forest (Representative Image)

The sight of four majestic tigers lounging on a road in Satpura forest has left Twitter amazed. A video that is being widely shared online shows the family of big cats relaxing near a road in the Madhya Pradesh forest as safari-goers film the rare scene. 

The undated video was first shared on Twitter by IFS Ravindra Mani Tripathi, who described it as a "Great family affair". In the 28-second-long footage, two tigers are seen strolling as another sits by the side of the road. The sight was evidently a frightening one for those witnessing it in real life, as a woman in the video can be heard requesting the driver to reverse the vehicle. 

"Thodi der peeche le lo gaadi, bhaiya (Go back for a bit)," she can be heard saying. 

Indian Forest Services officer Ramesh Pandey, while reposting the video on the microblogging platform, hailed it as a success story for India's tiger conservation efforts. 

"After Pech, Panna, Tadoba and Dudhwa here goes a worth watching video from Satpura Forests," he wrote. "Such frequent sightings of 4 or more tigers were not so usual a decade back."

The video has been viewed over 6,000 times on Twitter, also collecting nearly 500 'likes' and a ton of comments. 

Recently, a video of two tigers fighting over territory had also gone viral on Twitter. Also filmed at a central Indian forest, the video captured a furious fight between two grown tigers. 

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