This Article is From Jul 21, 2022

Viral Video: Woman Falls Thrice While Filming Sister's Wedding Proposal

The incident took place when the woman, identified as Celine Edwards, was tying to capture the beach proposal of her sister.

Viral Video: Woman Falls Thrice While Filming Sister's Wedding Proposal

Cline Edwards falling while capturing the wedding proposal.

The epic fail of a person entrusted with capturing a cute proposal at the beach has left social media users in stitches. The video of the woman's epic fail has gone viral on Facebook and other platforms. It shows the woman falling three times while trying to capture her sister's beach proposal. The incident took place in South Africa in May but the video is gaining traction on social media now. It has been viewed millions of times on Twitter and other platforms.

According to South Africa-based Sunday Times, the proposal took place at one of the beaches amidst windy weather. It identified the photographer as Celine Edwards who was excited to capture one of the most important moments of her sister's life. But she ended up capturing more footage of the ground that of her sister and her future husband.

The video starts with the couple and Ms Edwards arriving at the spot on the beach for the proposal. As the man gets ready, Ms Edwards takes out her phone to capture the proposal. She moves to correct the angle but fails to see a rock and tumbles over it.

The woman tries to tell the couple that she couldn't capture the moment. She tries to get up but falls midway. The man then prepares to get down on one knee to present the ring to his partner. As she screams in excitement, Ms Edwards falls again while trying to get up. She barely captures the final moments of the proposal sitting on the ground.

"No man, I can't," the woman is heard saying while she keeps falling and laughing, according to Sunday Times.

Later, speaking to Jacaranda FM, she said, "I'm not a photographer, I'm actually a chef. It is my sister, and I just wanted to take a video of the engagement. I was so excited and I just fell. Three times."

The video gave social media users a hearty laugh. "She had only one job to do but she yena kept on falling," one user commented on Twitter. "Everytime I think of it I giggle," a user commented on Facebook.

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