Viral Video: Unfazed By Danger Involved, US Man Hand-Feeds An Alligator

In a video going viral on social media, a Florida man is seen sitting chest-deep in the water and feeding an alligator a sandwich by hand.

Viral Video: Unfazed By Danger Involved, US Man Hand-Feeds An Alligator

The video sparked over 1,000 comments from viewers.

Although alligators are big reptiles, their attacks can be very dangerous for people. With its strong jaws and pointed teeth, this animal is capable of causing severe harm or even death. Yet, some people love their time interacting with these reptiles despite the dangers they pose.

An allegator that is swimming in the middle of the water is being gently fed by a couple in a video that is now trending online. The duo is from the US state of Florida.

Watch the video here:

While seated chest-deep in the water, the couple can be seen feeding the alligator a sandwich by hand.

The video was posted to Instagram this week by a page named Only in Florida with a caption that read, "Florida man is gonna be Florida man."

Shocking the viewers, this adventurous video has garnered more than 5,00,000 views and over 25,000 likes.

The viewers are leaving very interesting comments on the video.

Highlighting the danger involved, one social media user commented, "Everyone be like "They're going to associate people with food". Alligators are like "they are food, and some come with appetizers."

"Stop doing this, people! We need to keep our distance from them and let them be. Think about them getting more comfortable and coming closer to children. They can feed for themselves," commented another user.

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