Viral Video: How COVID Has Changed Morning Routine In This China School

School in China are taking extra safety measures while reopening after lockdown.

Viral Video: How COVID Has Changed Morning Routine In This China School

A boy in China goes through a five-step disinfection process before entering school.

With schools reopening and factories resuming operations in China, the country is taking extra precautions to avoid a second wave of coronavirus infections. While social distancing has become a way of life, a video that has gone massively viral online also captures the extra precautions that schools in China are taking to make sure that staff and students remain safe. 

The video, which has collected over 7 million views on Twitter, shows how the morning routine in schools has changed in China. In the video, a young boy is seen going through a series of steps before entering the school building. Before he can even go through the main gate, a school employee disinfects his shoes. Once inside, he goes through a four-step disinfection process - during which his hands, clothes and school bag are sanitized - before stepping into the school building. 

Take a look at the video below:

Since being shared on Twitter last week, the video has been viewed over 7.4 million times. It has also collected more than 1,700 'likes' and dozens of comments.


Businessman Harsh Goenka was among those who shared the video too. "This is what Chinese schools are doing to avoid Covid," he wrote while sharing the video.

Schools started reopening in China last month after the country relaxed lockdown restrictions. According to BBC, social distancing measures are being strictly enforced in all schools. Students wear masks and sit at a distance from each other. A school in the city of Hangzhou also found an innovative way to make sure students remember to maintain social distance - by making them wear hats with plumes extending out on either side.

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