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Viral: New York Governor, Brother Bicker On Live TV About Mom's Favourite

12 million views for the video - and counting.

Viral: New York Governor, Brother Bicker On Live TV About Mom's Favourite

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on CNN to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared with younger brother - CNN journalist Chris Cuomo - on a live television interview Monday night that that culminated with the two lightheartedly bickering about who is their mother's favourite child. A video of the hilarious incident is currently going massively viral online, amusing millions. 

According to The Hill, Andrew Cuomo, 62, appeared on CNN to discuss his state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. The discussion between the Democrat leader and his brother - the show host - started to derail when Andrew Cuomo said: "I don't like the word curfew. Dad tried to have a curfew for me and I never got past the resentment."

He went on to say that his younger brother violating curfew "all the time" caused him "much pain".

To this, Chris Cuomo, 49, responded by saying that his elder brother should call their mother. "Governor Andrew Cuomo, I appreciate you coming on the show. I love you. I'm proud of what you're doing, I know you're working hard for your state. But no matter how hard you're working, there's always time to call mom. She wants to hear from you. Just so you know."

The sparring between the two continued as the elder Cuomo said that he had called mom and "she said I was her favorite."

"Good news is she said you are her second favorite. Second favorite son, Christopher," he ribbed his younger brother, who fired back by saying that neither of them were their mother's favourite in the family. 

Watch the video below:

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has collected a whopping 12 million views and thousands of comments from viewers amused by the sibling rivalry. 

Andrew and Chris Cuomo are the sons of the late New York Governor Mario Cuomo and his wife Matilda. 

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