US Woman Fined Rs 73 Lakh After Her Children Collected Clams Thinking They Were Seashells

A California mother was fined over $88,000 after her children mistakenly collected 72 clams, thinking they were seashells.

US Woman Fined Rs 73 Lakh After Her Children Collected Clams Thinking They Were Seashells

The regulations are in place to protect shellfish species and allow them to spawn.

A California woman was fined more than $88,000 (Rs 73,16,438) after her children collected 72 clams that they wrongly thought were just seashells. Charlotte Russ took her kids on a trip to Pismo Beach, which is known as the "Clam Capital of the World," and mistakenly let the youngsters remove the molluscs, according to ABC News.

Her children collected rows of clams, but they learned an expensive lesson: clamming has regulations.

The Fresno resident was left stunned when she was confronted by an official from the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife and informed that her five children were collecting clams without a license.

"My kids thought they were collecting seashells, but they were actually collecting clams-72, to be exact," Fresno resident Charlotte Russ toldABC30.

"Right before we went, that's when I opened it, and that's when I saw the amount. It made me really sad and depressed, and it kind of ruined our trip," said Russ.

What is the reason for imposing this fine?

Lt. Matthew Gil from the Department of Fish and Wildlife emphasises the importance of regulations to protect shellfish species.

"The reason we have these regulations is to allow the shellfish to reach four-and-a-half inches so they can spawn and produce offspring each year, including juvenile clams," explained Lt. Gil.

Lt. Gil also stressed the need to educate oneself and children before going to the shore.

"If you find a dead sand dollar, a dead animal, or a broken seashell, it is acceptable to collect it," he said. "However, with Pismo clams, you will see both shells intact together. If the shells do not come apart easily, it is a living clam," Lt. Gil clarified.

This distinction is now understood by Russ's children.

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